Easy-peasy cleaning hacks for a stink-free couch

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Easy-peasy cleaning hacks for a stink-free couch 

by Jessica Britt

Couches…we all have one, we spend quite some time on them, lounging, watching Netflix, snuggling with our pets. It’s quite normal that after some time they become, well, kinda smelly.

Couch upholstery is rather absorbent and will easily get a musty scent from sweat, pets, or any liquid spills.

Living with animals can bring some stinky smells inside the house and even the couch can catch that wet doggo smell or worst, urine smell if your pet has the nasty habit of peeing on it.

Here are some simple hacks to efficiently deodorize your couch, so you can enjoy your chill moments without any unpleasant scents lingering around you.

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1. Vacuum the sofa as often as possible. Use an upholstery brush head on the vacuum cleaner and make sure to be thorough. Remove any traces of pet hair, dust, or debris and vacuum the cushions one by one, on both sides.

2. Try the baking soda method to get rid of unwanted smells. Sprinkle baking soda on the whole sofa, making sure it’s all covered in a light layer and leave it on to absorb odors, anywhere between 15 minutes and the whole night, depending on the potency of the pungent smell. When the time is up, simply vacuum the baking soda out of the couch.

3. For sweat odors, use activated charcoal. Place them in small bowls and arrange them on the sofa, in the areas where the smell is persistent. You can change the charcoals every 3 days until the smell vanishes for good.

4. Ventilate the air in the room where the couch is, as often as possible. Let the fresh air inside the room as much as you can, as it will freshen up the couch and weaken the bad smells.

5. If you’re dealing with stubborn pet smells, the best solution is to use a dedicated product, a pet odor eliminator, that will not only cover the nasty odors, it will neutralize them completely and leave behind a fresh scent. Spray Angry Orange lightly on your entire sofa or on the areas that smell bad, and let it air dry. You can also remove the cushions, spray them on both sides with the solution, and let them dry naturally before putting them back on. 

6. If you own a leather sofa, wipe your sofa down with a homemade mix of 1 teaspoon of liquid neutral soap and 1 cup of warm water. Wipe off only the smelly area, or, if you need to clean the entire couch, then better do it in small areas, one at a time. After using the soapy water, clean the couch with a rag moistened with clear water, and after that dry the couch with a soft rag.

What other tricks you know and use to keep your couch in tip top shape & smelling great?


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