4 ways to stop your cat from scratching the furniture

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4 ways to stop your cat from scratching the furniture

by Jessica Britt

“Snowball, stop scratching the furniture!!!”. If you are a cat owner, these words are definitely familiar to you. I went through that. I know how painful it is to see your new chair full of scratches and your sofa ravaged.

That's why I want to share with you 4 methods which can help you stop your cat from scratching your chairs, bed, carpets, or couch.

But first, it’s necessary to understand why cats are used to stick their claws in different furniture objects.

One of the reasons why cats are scratching various objects around the home is to mark the territory. As dogs urinate to mark places, kittens use the glands hidden in their pads. Besides the smell, they also use the visual side. Thus, by leaving visible marks on the furniture, they show their dominance.

Another reason why cats are used to scratching furniture is to stretch or train their paws. It’s also important for them to scratch because in this way they keep their claws that are constantly renewed. 

So no, your cat is not doing this out of revenge, or as a way of getting back at you for something you did wrong. Cats might be perceived as vengeful creatures, but, in fact, they are just curious and have a strong desire to explore their environment. 

Let’s now see what are those 4 very helpful tips to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture or other belongings. 

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1. Give your furry cat other options. Notice the texture of the furniture that your cat scratches and at what times of the day they start doing this. Then buy a scratching pad with a similar texture to damaged furniture, and if you notice that the cat likes to scratch for example after waking up or after eating, you can place it either next to the cat's bed or next to the food bowl. If your cat doesn't necessarily have a favorite time to scratch furniture, you can place this stand in a room where they spend more time. 

2. Train your beloved fluffy friend. Try to use verbal commands to get the cat to use the claw sharpener and reward them every time they listen to you. This type of training is more effective before the meal. During this time your cat will be much more willing to work knowing that they will receive food in return. Place snacks and rewards on the claw sharpening and climbing posts as high as possible so the cat can climb it. 

3. Cover the furniture with materials that make the cat feel uncomfortable. Cats love to feel the places they scratched. That is why it’s recommended to cover the furniture in those places with various materials that create discomfort. These include double-sided adhesive tape, aluminum foil or plastic foil.

4. Distract your cat’s attention. Cats are curious. They like to seek places, to have new interests, so unexplored territories, like one with cables, will always be attractive. However, they prefers toys once they get used to them. So, set aside some time every day and play together. Among the funniest toys are the feather balls, the fishing rods or the laser that they will trace all over the home.

Source: Unsplash

Discouraging the cat from damaging the furniture is not that difficult. All you need is a little patience (ok, maybe a lot of patience!). After all, we know what a strong personality they have! ;)

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