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Try out our acclaimed pet odor eliminators and stain removers for a natural way to take the stench away.

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2 products

Complete Pet Odor Removal Kit
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Complete Pet Stain Removal Kit
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Eliminate Harsh Pet Odors With Angry Orange

Love your furry friend, but sick of the stains and stink? It’s time to take a stand against those unsavory smells with Angry Orange. Our products — ranging from pet deodorizer sprays to pet urine stain remover — offer a made-in-the-USA alternative that won’t harm your pals.

What’s the best way to eliminate pet urine stains?

Pet odors can be finicky, and many people worry that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of smells without using a harsh chemical solution. That’s where enzymatic cleaners from Angry Orange come in!

Enzymatic cleaners contain active enzymes, a complex protein that eats away at stains. Enzymatic cleaners, such as our own pet stain remover, uses enzymes to neutralize even the peskiest pet urine stains and odors.

The best part about enzymatic cleaners like the Angry Orange pet stain removers is that it’s made with pet-safe ingredients. Worry less about harming your pet just to keep a smell-free home.

Unlike other pet urine cleaners, Angry Orange actually breaks down the chemical bonds in the stain, leaving you with a clean and stink-free floor. Woohoo!

What surfaces can I use a pet odor eliminator on?

Other cleaners such as bleach, vinegar, disinfectants, or any other home remedies can work - but at a price. They don’t stop at the stain, and end up eating whatever surface they touch! On the other hand, the enzymatic proteins in our pet odor and stain removal products only nibble at other surfaces and mainly attack the pee, poop, puke, or other mess. Get rid of unpleasant pet odors without destroying your clothes or floor - leaving your home smelling fresh as a daisy (, well, an orange).

Angry Orange pet odor eliminators and urine removers are super versatile! They work on a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, so you don’t need to sweat that outdoor stain on the porch. Not only that — our pet odor neutralizer works on nearly every surface in your home when used as directed.

  • Carpet and rugs
  • Artificial turf and driveways
  • Concrete, tile, and outdoor surfaces
  • Couches, sofas, and non-leather furniture
  • Laminate and hardwood floors
  • Fabric and upholstery

Why choose Angry Orange pet stain and odor removers?

Join over one million customers satisfied with our pet odor and stain removers. Citrus is a calming scent for everyone in your household, and the natural orange oil in our Odor Eliminator acts as a natural cleanser. Angry Orange Odor Eliminator is made with natural orange peels to eliminate pet odors.

With a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer service, it’s no wonder people choose Angry Orange over the competition.

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