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Our products are 100% natural and non-toxic, made from the oils found in orange peels. We only use high quality ingredients, that are both effective in the fight against stains and foul odors & safe to use with confidence around pets or children. 

Buy your products from a trusted source, made locally in the USA, backed up by research and science. 

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How to use

  • Mix the concentrate with water for 1 gallon of spray solution, each 2 oz of concentrate makes one 24 oz bottle of spray

  • Spray the area until it’s damp

  • Wipe of excess

  • Allow area to air dry

  • Don’t spray on leather or directly on pets

  • Odor eliminator can be sprayed in the air as well

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At ANGRY ORANGE, we stand behind our products and the satisfaction of our customers. 

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The problem

Living with animals has many benefits, but one big downside: the house is never fully clean. You have to tackle daily problems like nasty pet odors that just won’t go away & ugly stains that ruin the furniture. It feels like you clean one spot, and another smelly one emerges in a never-ending loop, that both frustrates you and makes you waste precious time.

The solution 

We only use natural and scientifically proven ingredients that work like magic to eliminate stubborn stains and bad smells from anywhere in your house. Oranges are natural disinfectants that kill unpleasant smells lickety-split, while enzymes are nature’s miraculous way to eliminate stains once and for all.

Our Angry Orange Bundle

Living with pets has never smelled so good. No matter how often your furballs wet the carpet, your house will smell fresh and clean. Save precious time and money with our cost-effective bundle that will cover all your pet related cleaning needs.

Still whiffing that pungent scent and don’t know why? You’re using the wrong products

  • Made of natural, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients   

  • Kills the bad smells permanently

  • Eliminates even stubborn stains

  • Made in USA

  • Made of harsh and dangerous chemicals

  • Cover up the odors temporarily

  • Ineffective against old, tough stains

  • Outsourced from other countries

30 day no-questions-asked refund 

At ANGRY ORANGE, we stand behind our products and the satisfaction of our customers. 

If you are not satisfied with our products, we will provide a full refund.

We’re animal lovers first and foremost! But we greatly value our clean homes too! Out of these two concepts combined, emerged Angry Orange, a line of Pet Stain Cleaners & Odor Removers, to keep our homes fresh and smelling nice, even when our cute pets do naughty things on the carpet.When smelly accidents happen, Angry Orange comes to the rescue!


Does Angry Orange only eliminate bad smells or it works on stains too?

Angry Orange works perfectly both on pee stains and to eliminate the nasty smells that linger around the house from your pets. The line of Odor Eliminators is designed to tackle on bad smells exclusively, while the Scented Enzyme Stain Cleaner eliminates both stains and smells.

On what surfaces can Angry Orange be used?

Our product can be used on carpets, tiles, wood floors, litter boxes, garbage cans, pillows, mattress, car interiors etc

Is this safe to use around kids or pets?

Yes, Angry Orange is completely safe as it only has natural ingredients, it’s 100% non-toxic and it doesn’t use chemical scents. However, it is not created to be used directly on pets so please spray it in the air or on surfaces, not on your pet.

How many bottles of Angry Orange spray can I make from the 8 oz Concentrate?

The 8 oz Concentrate bottle can be diluted to obtain 5 bottles of 24 oz of our Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator.

How do I use it?

The spray can be used directly in the air or on fabric or hard surfaces. Spray lightly on carpets or other surfaces until they get damp and then clean the excess with a cloth.

Can I use Angry Orange in my carpet cleaning machine?

Angry Orange is not recommended for use in any carpet cleaners or cleaning machines. Use your carpet cleaner as normal, then use the Angry Orange mixture in your spray bottle, after cleaning to give you the best results.

How does Angry Orange works exactly?

The Pet Odor Eliminator contains enzymes that don’t just cover the bad smells, they attack the fouls odors upon contact and eliminate them completely, leaving behind only a fresh scent.

Is Angry Orange toxic to cats or dogs?

Angry Orange is completely safe as it only has natural ingredients, it’s 100% non-toxic and it doesn’t use chemical scents. You can spray in in the air or on surfaces with confidence, but don’t spray it directly on pets.

What are the ingredients used in Angry Orange?

Angry Orange is a cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

What is an enzymatic cleaner?

Enzymatic cleaners are any cleaning products that use enzymes in their formulas to help break down stains and bad smells, especially the ones caused by cat/dog urine or feces.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions. Basically, different enzymes break down different types of stains. Lipolases work on fats or oil-based stains, proteases break down protein-based stains, and amylases tackle carbohydrates and starches.

Why can’t I use household cleaning products to get rid of cat pee stains or smells?

Traditional household cleaning products like vinegar, baking soda, soap etc seem to work at first because they eliminate some of the components of your pet’s urine. But none of them can remove the uric acid! That is why the smell returns and your pet will pee on the same area again and again. The only way to get rid of nasty pee smells and stains is to use an enzyme cleaner.

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