Active Pets: Dog Bowl Set

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  • NO MESS, NO SPILLS - Keep your floor clean and your dog happy with your own Active Pets dog bowl set (2 bowls, 6½ oz each)! Our pet food bowls are dishwasher-safe with food-grade silicone mats with raised edges to prevent food and water spills and stainless steel water bowls. With 4 sizes and 6 colors, you’ll find what you need, whether you’re looking for a puppy food bowl, small dog bowls, dog bowls medium sized dog, or dog bowls for large dogs. Enjoy pet bowls that get the job done!
  • SKID RESISTANT, FOOD GRADE SILICONE - We only use dishwasher safe, food grade silicone for our no spill dog water bowl. The flat surface prevents the silicone dog bowl from skidding while your furry friends eat and drink, and raised edges keep any food or water inside without spilling over the edge. Our dog dishes for small dogs are just as effective as the large dog bowls, so choose the size that’s right for you.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & STORE - Our no spill dog bowl is easy to separate from the mat. To clean, simply pop in the dishwasher or wash with warm water and soap - easy as that! Puppy bowls for small dogs are just as easy to clean as dog dishes for medium dogs or large dogs. Food and water bowls for dogs should be easy to clean and store, so we made sure to make it as easy as possible for you. What’s more, they’ll look good anywhere, with a choice of happy pink dog bowls, jet black, sky blue, and more…
  • RUST RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL - Our puppy food and water bowls are anti corrosion and heat resistant, making them durable and safe for long-term use. From small dog food bowls to large dog food bowls, these dog plates for food and water are healthy and clean for your beloved pet! Food bowls for puppies and larger dogs need to be clean and safe, so rest assured with our food-grade materials - even better because with this dog water bowl no spill occurs.
  • ENJOY CLEAN FLOORS & HAPPY PETS - Get dog water and food bowl sets you can enjoy with clean floors - no matter whether you’re looking for dog bowls for small dogs, medium, or large! Our spill proof dog water bowl comes in 6 vibrant colors so you can find the right set for you from our dog food dish range - small dog bowls for puppies and large bowls, girl dog bowls and bowls for good boys. we believe that you will love your double dog bowl as much as we love ours! Choose your size and color.