Angry Orange Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber 12pk

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Lingering odor doesn’t stand a chance! Meet the Angry Orange activated charcoal bags, our no-spray stink destroyer perfect for setting in smelly areas of your home. These bags are odorless, letting you combat stink without further stinking up the place with unwanted fragrances or masking aromas. Bamboo charcoal doesn’t mask hellish odors, it lures it into our bright orange bags and takes it down so your home can smell heavenly.

How do charcoal bags work? The activated bamboo charcoal captures odor and humidity in the rooms where you place the bags. The bag helps to keep the nasty stuff contained so it doesn’t go back into the air. Simply place or hang the bags out of reach of children and pets. Then, let the bags do their magic! Reuse the charcoal bags for up to 2 years by recharging them in direct sunlight for a couple hours every month. Always keep charcoal pouches sealed.

How To Use:
Lay bag in sun for 2 hours.
Place bag where odor lurks.
Forget that stink ever happened.