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Get ready for the holidays with Angry Orange's Holiday Pack! Treat someone, or yourself, with products from Angry Orange as well as our sister brands HappyDogz and AMZ Pets.


  • Pet Odor Eliminator Spray - 24oz
  • Eliminati Luxury Bathroom Spray
  • Unscented Poop Bags : 8 Pack
    UV Stain Sniper
  • AMZ Pets: Dog Toy Set - Set of 7 toys
  • HappyDogz: Pet Grooming Brush For Shedding

*ThisWorx, AMZ Pets and HappyDogz products ship separately from Angry Orange products. Shipping times may vary.


The Holiday Pack includes a 24 oz. bottle of our signature Angry Orange Odor Eliminator, the 6 oz. Eliminati Luxury Bathroom Spray, UV Stain Sniper and an 8 pack of unscented poop bags.

The odor removers in this set offer instant odor relief, combating bad smells with a fresh and powerful orange aroma. Eliminati specializes in nasty bathroom stink, while the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator tackles tough odors around the home – from rank trash cans and pee-soaked artificial turf to stinky carpets and upholstery

Use as directed on surfaces like carpets, furniture, basements, turf, and floors. DO NOT apply these products directly on your pet or use on a surface where they might ingest the product, such as a litter box or crate. These products are not for use in a diffuser, steam cleaner, or carpet cleaner.

Pet Odor Eliminator (Spray):
  • Shake bottle, apply to problem area until damp, wipe off excess, and let dry
Luxury Bathroom Spray:
  • Simply spritz in the air or in the can as need, and breathe a sigh of relief!

It’s always best to spot test a small area first, as well as test near your pet in a small area to ensure they respond safely before using it on your home. Cats and birds may be sensitive to concentrated levels of certain ingredients. Never spray directly onto your pets


Does Angry Orange only eliminate bad smells or does it work on stains too?

Angry Orange works perfectly both on pee stains and to eliminate the nasty smells that linger around the house from your pets. The Odor Eliminator line is designed to tackle on bad smells exclusively, while the Scented Enzyme Stain Cleaner eliminates stains.

On what surfaces can Angry Orange be used?

Our product can be used on carpets, tiles, wood floors, litter boxes, garbage cans, pillows, mattress, car interiors etc.

Is this safe to use around kids or pets?

Angry Orange is made with orange, a natural cleaner, and doesn’t use chemical scents. You can spray it in the air or on surfaces and wait for it to dry, but this product is not created for use directly on pets.

What are the ingredients used in Angry Orange?

Angry Orange is a cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels. It is biodegradable and made with orange, a natural cleaner.


The Holiday Pack includes our sister brand, AMZ Pets', Dog Toy Set.

  • A Dog Chew Toy That Will Last: These 7 nearly indestructible dog toys are for dogs with tough teeth and are handy for keeping them entertained for a while. Great dog chew toys for medium or large breed dogs.
  • Keep Them Occupied: The variety pack contains tough dog toys for aggressive chewers; large breed dogs will be kept busy for hours with all the different shapes and sizes for playing fetch, tug of war, or to endlessly gnaw or shake.
  • Bring Them With You: This small or large dog toys is complete with a convenient carry bag with shoulder straps, The dog toy set contains tug of war ropes, chew toys, and throwing ropes with knots. Take them cross-country or down to the local park!
    Helps Teething, Calms Anxiety & Stress: Your pets will get a lot of satisfaction from the dog toy bundle. With their attention on chomping the ropes to bits, they will likely show a decrease in restlessness. Great as german shepherd or pitbull toys!
  • A Perfect Gift Set For Dog: Show your puppy some love! This variety pack of aggressive chew toys for large dogs is perfect as a gift set for birthdays, any holidays, or just to make your dog feel special for no reason at all.


The Holiday Pack includes our sister brand, HappyDogz's, Pet Grooming Brush for Shedding.

  • Effectively remove mats, tangles, and loose fur with ease
  • Perfect for small to medium pet breeds, long haired or short haired
  • Made with your pet’s comfort and enjoyment in mind
  • Takes only ~5 seconds to clean due to the slicker brush's clever self-cleaning feature. Simply push the button, wipe, and the brush will be as good as new
  • Provides excellent pet grooming results for dogs and cats.
  • Gentle on your pet’s skin and coat it features soft and flexible bristles for easy and effective brushing.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by pet owners, vets, and professional groomers