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     Clean away kitty stank with cat urine and odor removers that strike directly at the source!

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    2 products

    Angry Orange UV Flashlight Stain Sniper Detector
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    Angry Orange Fresh Scent Pet Stain & Odor Remover
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    Angry Orange Destroys Tough Cat Urine Stains and Smells

    They say cats have a mind of their own. Unfortunately, sometimes that also applies to where they choose to pee, puke, and create gross smells.

    Angry Orange odor eliminators and stain removers are a must-have for cat pee cleaner uppers, frequent feline puke spots, and homes that reek of litter box. Anyone with a furry feline friend will tell you — having a strong cat urine cleaner, cat poop eliminator, and cat odor neutralizer is necessary. You never know when your cat will regurgitate their wet food or reject the litter box and choose the carpet instead.

    Enzymatic cleaners, such as the Angry Orange Stain Remover and Enzyme Cleaner, are fantastic at removing cat urine. Our Fresh Scent cat pee eliminator contains active enzymes that know how to neutralize cat urine by eating away at the source of the odor and stain.

    Angry Orange features a cat-friendly “fresh scent” stain remover and cat odor spray that smells like a pile of clean laundry. (You know, the one your cat’s probably napping on right now...) It’s one tough and effective cat odor remover with a gentle smell — that means no chemical stink while you spray.

    Angry Orange products have over 100,000 five-star online ratings because they really work! With a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer service, Angry Orange is hellbent on customer satisfaction and keeping your home fresh and clean (even if your cat has a different agenda).

    How to eliminate cat urine stains and odor?

    Ever wonder “Why does my cat’s urine smell so strong?” Same. You need a tough cat odor remover to knock out a smell like that. But the best advice we have on how to clean cat urine effectively – especially really pungent cat pee – is to start with the stain.

    Get rid of cat urine stains and accidents with Angry Orange enzyme cleaners. The active enzymes in the formula are key to removing cat urine smell and stains. This cat urine eliminator and stain remover’s enzymatic formula eats away at the pet mess and feline stink to break it down. It knows how to remove cat urine stains and other kitty smells from nearly every surface in your home when used as directed.

    What surfaces can I use cat urine and odor removers on?

    • Carpet and rugs
    • Artificial turf and driveways
    • Concrete, tile, and outdoor surfaces
    • Couches, sofas, and non-leather furniture
    • Laminate and hardwood floors
    • Fabric and upholstery

    These cat odor eliminators and stain removers know how to get rid of cat urine smell and other nasty odors outside and inside! From patios and concrete to bathrooms, basements, and those fabric curtains where your kitty makes secret poops, bad smells don’t stand a chance against Angry Orange products.

    Why choose the Angry Orange cat urine and odor removers?

    Annihilate foul smells and stains from poop, puke, and cat pee clean out of almost every inch of your home. Angry Orange products know how to eliminate cat odor using key features like active enzymes and hardworking proprietary formulas – without the chemical stink!

    Shop with confidence for a cat pee remover and odor destroyer that’s a great choice for you and your family. All our products are made in the USA, never tested on animals, and safe for homes with pets and children when used as directed.

    Say goodbye to the most hellish cat smells with Angry Orange.

    Browse a variety of amazing cat urine and odor removers today!