Snoop Dogg spraying Angry Orange Pet Odor Elminator spray with his dog

Smells like heaven.

Works like hell.

World's Best Pet Deodorizers & Stain Removers

Authentic Orange Scent

Smells like oranges because it's made with real, fresh oranges - no harsh chemical odors!

Be Like Snoop Dogg

From the couch to the backyard, our favorite dog lover and rap legend rolls up with the "best pet odor eliminator in the game".

The bathroom spray that can keep a secret

Made to destroy nasty odors in bathrooms, cars, trashcans, floors, carpets, fabrics and more.

Our History Is Our Strength

Angry Orange pet deodorizers were created to eliminate the toughest barn, stable, and shelter odors. 

Imagine what it can do for your home!

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People love us (and we love them!)

I am so impressed. My cats had been using my WHITE rug as a place to pee for at least a month without my knowledge (it was in our spare room and we were away while my parents watched the place and they somehow didn't smell it). It was horrific. I was going to junk the carpet when I read about angry orange. I was skeptical ad wasn't sure if it would even touch the smell because I used so many products to literally no avail. Got angry orange and it worked like a charm. Highly recommend! It saved my white carpet and my sanity!

Suzanne M.

My cats enjoy a good pissing contest, literally. This should be called HAPPY ORANGE. When I spray it I get a smile on my face. It smells like a tangerine.. A few drops in a bit of water will do. if you use this without mixing it with water you will be sure to die a strong and painful death by orange- it's that strong. I thought this was a bit expensive, but no.. because this seems like a never-ending bottle of product that will keep on giving. I guess the most important thing to mention is that IT WORKS. HAHAHA CATS! YOU LOSE, score one for me. I sprayed it all over the house and I sprayed it in places they like to go (so they would no longer be able to stand the putrid smell (or at least what THEY think is a bad smell). Lucky for me I can't smell the cat's urine smell any longer

Aryn A.

Oh my gosh, I am amazed at this product! We have 3 dogs, 1 of which has to use potty pads often because of medication side effects. We have used odor eliminators for carpets with our carpet cleaner that are not touching our dog's accidents, thinking we were going to have to pull up our carpet. I used this product last night and I am in shock! It totally, 100%, eliminated the residual urine odor!!! Today, carpets are dry and have zero leftover urine scent. I will continue buying this product for life, as I plan on having pets for life, and they do make accidents. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Wendy M.