Find out what Angry Orange is made of

Does your furry best friend make messes around the house when you’re not around? Do you often come home to find a soiled carpet or nasty stains on the sofa and a pungent, lingering smell in the air?

We feel your pain!

 By now, you’ve probably tried countless DIY solutions or store-bought products, only to discover that they work for a couple of hours at best. Frustrating, right?The solution is quite simple actually. There’s one scent that both cats & dogs dislike, but to our senses smells great… Oranges!

Both cats and doggos have a strongly developed sense of smell and for them oranges (any kid of citruses, but especially oranges) are a natural repellent, because the scent is extremely strong.Combining these notions with extensive research we’ve created our Angry Orange line of Pet Odor Eliminators and Enzyme Stain Remover, all natural and non-toxic, safe to use around both pets and children. 

Our main ingredient

Our main ingredient is the natural oil extracted from orange peels, a great disinfectant and the source of the wonderful, citrusy fresh smell of our Odor Eliminators. For our Stain Remover our main ingredients are Enzymes, nature’s powerful way to eliminate stubborn stains. 

Angry Orange is your friendly, trusted Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover, FDA approved, biodegradable and completely natural, because we should all think about the environment and the impact we can have on it.You can use all our products with confidence as directed, to remove the smell or stains from carpets, sofas, wood floors, litter boxes, pet beds, pillows, mattresses etc.

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