6 Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friend on National Dog Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friend on National Dog Day

  • Aug 17
little girl laying on the floor playing with her dog

In years past, you might have been scrolling through social media on August 26th and noticed your friends posting pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day. Without those posts, you probably had no idea it was happening. Then had to rush to try to do something special for your pup. With National Dog Day, August 26th, right around the corner, you want to celebrate your dog by doing something more meaningful than just a social media post. Here are 6 ways to celebrate your furry friend on National Dog Day.

#1: Shower Your Dog with Lots of Toys and Treats

dog toys on a yellow background

Every dog loves to be surprised with treats and new toys to play with. You can get them a special pupcake for National Dog Day along with a dog toy set that they can play with for days to come. They will greatly appreciate it.

#2: Dog Playdate

two dogs playing and running at the dog park

Dogs love making new dog friends. Arrange with your friends to bring their dogs over to your house or meet up at a dog park for National Dog Day. You want to make sure all the dogs are having a good time. Before hanging out with other dogs, go through your dog's tricks to make sure they are being a good listener while they are having some fun with their dog friends. To make training easier, you can use Angry Orange’s dog training set and check out our previous post for helpful tips for training puppies.

#3: Dog Beach Day

two dogs running and playing on the beach

Not only for yourself, but your dog would love to make for National Dog Day a day at the beach. They’ll be able to enjoy the water and play with other dogs while you can lay out. You might be a little hesitant about this idea because of worrying about how dirty your dog is going to get. Angry Orange has got you covered with a pet grooming brush. You’ll be able to brush the sand out of their fur, so you’re not finding sand around your house or in your car’s crevices for months to come.

#4: Doggy Spa Day

dog wrapped in a towel after being washed at the spa

Just like humans, your dog needs self-care too. Take this day to pamper them the way they deserve. You can brush them gently with a pet grooming brush to make them feel like they are in a doggy spa oasis. Make it a positive experience for them by giving them treats and lots of pets. If your dog is very squirmy when it comes to cleaning their eye boogers and giving them ear cleaner, wrap a baseball hat with cling wrap and smear peanut butter or cheese spread on it. This will keep your dog attention and still while doing beauty treatments.

#5: Adopt

Woman sitting on the couch with her dog in her arm on the computer

If you find that your dog is struggling with separation anxiety when you are away, it might be time to get them a sibling. What better day to do that than on National Dog Day? This is great for dogs that love to play with other dogs, so they can have a permanent playmate. When looking for another dog to add to the family, make sure to do your research and stand against puppy mills to end the cruel treatment of dogs in mass breeding operations. To learn more about the importance of adoption click here.

#6: Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

If you have a dog or don’t and still want to celebrate, donate to your local animal shelter. They can always use extra supplies, like toys, food, or pee pads. Contact your local animal shelter and they’ll tell you what they need and you can easily drop it off. What a great way to celebrate National Dog Day by giving back to pups in need.

Wrap Up

So, what are you waiting for? National Dog Day is just around the corner on August 26th. Your dog does a lot for you by being your companion and you should return the favor. Having this special day is a great way to bond with your dog. Happy National Dog Day!!

Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins