Cleaning tips for parrot owners

Cleaning tips for parrot owners

  • Nov 24

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Cleaning tips for parrot owners 

           by Jessica Britt

Polly wants a cracker?

We’ve been talking so much here about cats and dogs, that it almost seems that we forgot that there are other pets out there, less furry and more…feathery.

The other day, my bestie, proud owner of two bickering parrots, told me she would have loved to have some tips on how to clean their cage and the house, when she first got them.

So, naturally, I thought all bird lovers should be able to find trusted information in the same place, some tips & tricks on how to keep the house clean and your parrots happy.

Thanks to my friend’s useful know-how, I’ve made a list for all of you, that I hope will help you in your first days as parrot owners:

1. Clean your window coverings

Birds like rooms with a view, so you’ve probably put your parrot’s cage next to a big window, where he can admire the outside world. What you might not have thought about is that your window screen will slowly get coated in bird-dust. The best practice is to create a cleaning routine that includes taking down the window screens and taking them outside the house to wash them down. Make sure to hose down all the stubborn debris and let it to air dry. While the screen dries, make sure to also vacuum all the nooks and crannies of the windowsill.

2. Organize your cleaning tasks

When it comes to cleaning your bird’s cage, you should divide the tasks by frequency. While some tasks should be done daily, others can be done only once a week or once a month. Your daily chores should include: changing the cage liners, cleaning the food and water dishes & wiping down all the surfaces. This is the basic cleaning you should do. Once a week, you should be more thorough and clean your parrot’s toys, wash the cage’s tray, clean the grate and perches. Then, once a month you should do an ultimate cleaning of the cage, making sure there’s no nook or corner left unclean. The easiest way to do this is to wash the cage in the bathtub, using a cage cleaner that is safe for birds.

Source: Unsplash

3. Choose the right cleaner

Birds can be sensitive to different ingredients found in cleaning products and disinfectants, and especially sensitive to heavy chemicals. Choose a cleaner that is mild and make sure not to let your pet in the room while you’re cleaning. If you use Angry Orange to get rid of foul smells or stubborn stains, keep your pet bird away from the treated area until it dries. Also, never apply the products directly on your pets!

4. Wash your carpets

When you live with pets, not only the feathery kind, it is important to wash your carpets at least once a year. The tricky part is that some carpet cleaners can also be irritant for birds, just like cleaning products. So, how to go about it?

Your best bet is to clean the carpets with a steam cleaner that uses only hot water, absolutely free of any chemical ingredients. Also, you can keep your parrot in another part of the house until the carpet is dry.

That’s about it, folks! Let us know what cleaning routine do you have for your pet parrot’s cage and for the house?

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