5 reasons why decluttering your home will improve your life

5 reasons why decluttering your home will improve your life

  • Jun 26

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5 reasons why decluttering your home will improve your life

by Jessica Britt

Throughout our lives we acquire things. Some of them are inherited, some are won, some are randomly found and kept, some are rescued from being tossed away by their former owners, but most of them are bought. We buy things to feel accomplished, to feel in control, to feel appreciated, to ease our loneliness or even to boost our self esteem. We buy things because we think they will bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams. 


In fact, our dream life starts at home. This is where we live, love, rest, create. Our home is a witness of our existence. We celebrate here our biggest accomplishments and cry out our worst failures. Sometimes, we whisper here our thoughts and our concerns, sometimes we try to fix ourselves by fixing something in the house. 


Our home is a physical and emotional base for us and for our family. It is a mirror of our passions, values, wishes, dreams and burning desires. It is a reflection of who we are, of our inner life, the outward expression of our interests, talents, of the things we love, of what we enjoy, of what matters to us.


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Many times, we find difficult to let go of things we have been holding on to for years. Almost everything we own has emotions, desires, memories or a small part of us attached to it. Sometimes the things we own remind us of someone beloved, of a memorable event or of an important moment in our lives.


Yes, our possessions have a story to tell. A story about us, about our dreams, hopes and disappointments. About the lessons we’ve learnt and the experiences that shaped us. 


They sometimes remind us of people we’ve lost or of hidden parts of ourselves. They all hold some energy within, but sometimes letting go of some things will bring us a better energy.


Here is why decluttering your space is beneficial for you:



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1. A tidy and clean home keeps you more focused and contributes to your mental wellbeing. Think of your house as a mirror reflecting your inner universe. If it is organized and decluttered, your life will start falling into place. Multiple studies have shown that a messy and cluttered space can make your brain less effective at processing information. 


2. A clutter-free space will improve your sleep. People with a cluttered home experience increased exhaustion, because their minds are bombarded with excessive stimuli causing them sleep problems. The brain registers a disorganized environment as a job to be completed, something that needs to be tackled. Not dealing with the mess triggers feelings of guilt, which affect the quality of your sleep.


3. An organised house might keep you in good shape. Messy house, messy eating habits. Many studies have found a correlation between hoarding behavior, obesity and compulsive eating.


4. Your relationship will improve. Yes, clutter tends to jeopardize our relationships. People often fight about the clutter, they argue about who gets to keep what. And this is something that might eventually tear them apart. You don’t want your relationship to become a battlefield, do you? What’s more important to you: some random stuff you don’t really need or getting along with your partner and developing a relationship based on mutual respect, love and harmony?


5. You will become more present and have more control of your own life. Like it or not, life is happening right here, right now. Sometimes we hold on to a lot of things “just in case we might need them one day”. We save things for a future moment: we’re waiting for a special occasion to wear that beautiful red dress, we’re hoping to start working out one day and use that treadmill that sits in our garage, we dream of losing weight so we can fit in those vintage skinny jeans we’ve had since college. Those things we save for later represent some of our hopes, dreams and wishes. It is wonderful to prepare for the future, but remember to live in the present moment. And if your house is messy, you won’t be able to enjoy the present. 


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