5 effective steps to eliminate the pet odor in your home

5 effective steps to eliminate the pet odor in your home

  • Jun 17

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5 effective steps to eliminate the pet odor in your home

by Tracy Davis

It’s truth time! How many times have you come home from work or meeting up with friends and opened the front door only to close it again and think “maybe I should book a hotel for the night.” The culprit? That wet doggo smell that lingers around the house at all times, hides under the pillows, creeps up upon you while you’re in bed dozing off, sneaks around every corner and crevice of your place until it claims your house as its kingdom. Yes, sometimes it can feel that dramatic, but no matter how bad the smell can get, your pup is your furry baby and you wouldn’t give that up not even for a second. 


 I mean yes, he can be a stinky furball that leaves hair everywhere and occasionally pees the carpet, but what is unconditional love if not accepting your doggo with all its faults and flaws, nasty smells included. 


 Don’t despair though! The situation isn’t so dire & you’re not doomed to live in a smelly house. There are many simple yet efficient solutions to eliminate the dog smell from your home. 


Here are 5 mind-blowingly easy ways to keep your place stink free: 


1. Air the whole house as often as you can

Ridiculously easy, right? Airing your home frequently should be top on the list when it comes to keeping your house smelling fresh. Open all your windows and doors and let the clean air circulate freely in all the rooms. But make sure your doggo is safe and he doesn’t have the chance to run out the front door. Running around the neighborhood after your pet is never fun! 


 2. Use a Pet Odor Eliminator product 

A simple yet effective way to get rid of the dog smell is to use an odor eliminator spray especially created to eliminate foul pet related smells. Angry Orange can come to your rescue with a special cold pressed formula derived from the oils found in orange peels. You can use it around the house as an air freshener or spray it directly on the spots that need it the most. You can use it on any type of surface or furniture, both inside and outside the house and you’ll see how it magically eliminates the wet doggo smell, leaving behind only a sweet, citrusy scent. 


 3. Keep those paws clean 

Make sure your furball has clean paws at all times, especially after coming back home from a walk or playing in the courtyard. You can invest in a super absorbent door mat and keep a towel close to the front door, so you can clean those paws every time. 


 4. Treat your doggo with a new collar 

You probably never thought that collars can be a source of that stinky smell, but one whiff and you can tell if it’s time for a new one. They can also be washed frequently, but keep in mind that if the collar is old, it’s better to just change it altogether. Another tip is to always choose collars and leashes that are made out of a non-odor absorbing fabric. 


 5. Use an Enzyme Cleaner for stubborn stains and smells

If your doggo has the habit of wetting the carpet sometimes, that pungent smell can add to unpleasant odor in your house. On top of that, pee stains can be a real headache when it comes to cleaning them. If you wanna make sure you get rid of them once and for all, you should use an effective cleaner that harnesses the natural power of enzymes, like the    Angry Orange Enzyme Stain remover


Follow the easy steps above and your house will be sparkling clean and smelling like heaven in no time!