Halloween safety tips for pets

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Halloween safety tips for pets 

by Jessica Britt

It’s that spooky time of the year again! We know how much you enjoy this ghastly holiday, we do too! In fact, I personally enjoy it so much that I’ve been planning my costume for the past 3 months!

It’s gonna be Spooktacular! Pun very much intended!

But, between all the excitement, the scares, the trick or treats, house decorations and parties, sometimes we forget a very important thing, the safety of our pets!

As a very proud meowmy, I’ve learned over the years that I have to take into consideration first the safety of my furball, to make sure he is calm, he doesn’t get agitated or scared and that he doesn’t eat by accident something that might harm him.

So, let’s take a look at my little list of Halloween safety tips for pets & pet owners:

1. Don’t force costumes on your pet!

I know pets in costumes are adorable and you can’t wait to make your doggo “Count Pugula” or turn your lazy feline in the majestic king of the jungle you know he can be. But, you gotta ask yourself first if your pet is comfortable wearing a costume and if it’s not causing him unnecessary stress. If they enjoy wearing the costumes, then it’s ok, but do make sure the garments don’t restrict their movements, ability to breathe or bark/meow.

2. Treats are only for trick or treaters

Make sure you keep the bowl of treats far away from your pet. Treats largely consist from candy and chocolate, and as we’ve previously discussed in another article, chocolate is very toxic for your furry friend, it can cause vomiting, heart problems and in extreme cases, even death. Also candies that contain the sugar substitute xylitol are very dangerous for them.

Source: Unsplash

3. Mind the decorations

Who doesn’t love carving up a Jack-O-Lantern with their kids? It’s a fun activity and the house or porch will look extra festive! But, be careful where you place the lit pumpkin or the scary witchy candles! Pets are curious beings and can knock them down by mistake, risking to start a fire or burning themselves.

4. Keep ‘em safely inside!

If your pet likes to roam around freely in the courtyard or on the front lawn, Halloween is not the night to do so. Keep them inside, away from the front door where they might escape and try to keep them calm and relaxed. As social as your pet might be, many guests, or trick or treaters constantly ringing your doorbell can stress them out.

If you have a black cat, keep in mind that pranksters sometimes target these dark felines on Halloween, due to their image being associated with witches in the past.

And, just because it’s better to be safe than sorry, make sure your pet is wearing his ID tag collar or that he’s microchipped, just in the event that he somehow escapes and gets lost.

Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve when it comes to creating a safe environment on Halloween for your pawsome friend? Let us know what you usually do and Haaaapy Halloween!

Source: Unsplash

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