Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Our Furry Friends

Halloween Pet Safety Tips for Our Furry Friends

  • Oct 01

Halloween and fun go hand-in-hand. Costumes? Candy? Creepy? All the elements are there. You know what doesn’t go hand-in-hand quite so much? Halloween and pets. Halloween is loud, crowded, and filled with weird, stimulating decorations. All things our pets (dogs, in particular) are not huge fans of. As a matter of fact, Halloween can end up being a bit dangerous for our poor little pals.

dog next to jack-o'-lantern

So how do we, as concerned pet owners, keep our pooches from getting themselves hurt? Moreover, how do we get our pets involved in our spooky celebrations without overwhelming them, or worse, causing them discomfort??

No need to be scared! You’re gonna learn everything you need to know right here! The basics of Halloween pet safety, the do’s and don’ts of dressing up your dog, stain remover for doggy costume malfunctions, and how to get your dog involved in your frightening festivities the safe way!

How Do You Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween?

Let’s start with the basics: When you’re prepping for the scariest time of the year, consider these Halloween pet safety tips to ensure your pooch enjoys it just as much.

1. Stash the candy

Dogs, like humans, often don’t know what’s best for them. Unfortunately, this can mean that when a dog sees a chocolate bar, he’s not going to avoid it, he’s going to go at it with reckless abandon. This is why the first rule in Halloween pet safety is to stash that candy somewhere where your dog can’t get to it! It’s a commonly known fact that chocolate is deadly to dogs, and sugary treats make their poor tummies hurt. Don’t risk it!

2. Be careful with decorations

This may seem a little overly cautious, but it’s important! Trust me, deciding to put your lit jack-o-lantern within your dog’s reach, only for it to be knocked over and set the porch ablaze is scary in the bad way. Exposed light wires also leave your pooch at risk - they look very chewable, especially for curious puppies!

Another tip regarding Halloween safety for pets: Popular Halloween plants like pumpkins and decorative corn look pretty tasty to a lot of dogs - they’re not toxic, but they might make your dog’s stomach hurt.

3. Keep your pets calm

Going out with your dog while people are trick-or-treating can be quite overwhelming, even for the most social mutt. Even if you leave your pal at home, a flurry of strangers knocking on the door might be enough to send any dog into a panic.

That’s why one of the most important Halloween pet safety tips is to keep your less than social dogs at home or in a separate room for Halloween. Trust me, they’ll be much more relaxed in a comfortable space with no strangers. And who could blame them? That sounds great!

4. Be careful about costumes

Be on the lookout for ill-fitting costumes, small easily-chewable parts, and neck restriction. You may want to have your dog try on the costume the night before to make sure they seem comfortable. Anything less, and you should probably scrap it.

Is it bad to dress up your dog?

It depends. While it might be incredibly tempting to dress up your dog in a cute getup for the season, you really should only dress up your dog if you know they like it, or don’t mind it. Again, Halloween and pets can go together, but only if they’re comfortable. Don’t force them into something, only for them to be completely miserable or uncomfortable for hours. That’s for humans to do on Halloween, not pooches.

dog in halloween ghost costume

What do I do if my dog has an accident on their costume?

So, you’ve found your dog doesn’t mind their ridiculous Tiger King inspired Joe Exotic outfit. Hell yes! But, one problem….you didn’t account for the costume getting in the way of, well, using the bathroom. What’s the best thing to use here?

We’ve got the solution - our pet stain and odor remover works on fabrics, floors, and everything in between. Get the access liquid with a towel and spray a generous amount on the affected area, and you’re good!

If you’re looking for all things that can help you out with your poochie problems, check out Angry Orange for more odor deodorizers, stain removers, and tips!

Have a hauntingly happy time with your hound this Halloween!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor