How to keep your pet warm this winter

How to keep your pet warm this winter

  • Dec 04

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How to keep your pet warm this winter 

        by Jessica Britt

Ah, winter! It’s that wonderful time of cozy sweaters, hot chocolate and mulled wine, snow fights and building snowmen. But it’s also the time of cold weather, blizzards and frostbite.

While Frosty might love the cold and can sit all day long in your courtyard with his carrot nose and branchy hands, not the same can be said about your pet.

Just like us humans, our cute furry companions need warmth and shelter during the winter season.


Here’s what you need to know for your pet’s winter care:


1. Know thy pet!

Not all breeds are the same! Make sure you do a thorough research on your pet’s breed and how they handle the cold. Some breeds, like Huskies or Norwegian Forrest cats absolutely adore winter, snow and the dropping temperature. Others not so much, and will need a bit of extra help.


2. Create a cozy, warm corner inside

When it gets really cold outside, bring your pet inside the house. They might be ok to sleep in the garden during the warm months, but not in winter. Make for them a cozy sleeping spot next to a radiator. It can be a basket filled with blankets, or a hanging radiator bed for your fluffy cat. From personal experience, cats love these sleeping hammocks that are attached to the warm radiator.


3. Get a coat!

It’s not only you that needs a new coat in winter, your pet also might benefit from one. Just because they have fur, doesn’t mean our beloved doggos are resistant to low temperatures. When it’s freezing outside, it is for them too! Choose a nice, thick coat for your pet to wear on your daily walks.


Source: Unsplash


4. Adapt your walking schedule

During the winter months, it’s a good idea to change a bit the duration of your walks. If in summer you prefer to take your dog out only once-twice a day for long walks, in winter it’s better to take them out more frequently, but on shorter walks. That way you don’t risk keeping your pet outside for too long in the cold.


5. Clean the paws

After a nice walk in the snow, make sure to clean and wipe your pet’s paws with warm water and a gentle cloth. Not only it will help them keep warm and not create messy paw prints on the floor, but it will also protect them from salt and different chemicals that are sprinkled on the ground in winter.




6. Plenty of food

If your pet spends more time outside, you might need to adapt its diet in the winter months. Outdoorsy pets will need more food in order to generate enough energy to keep them warm, but don’t overdo it! Your best bet is to talk with your vet about a nutrition plan adapted to your dog’s or cat’s specific needs.


It’s easy to take care of your four-legged friend during the winter season, and if you do it correctly you can be sure that you’ll both enjoy both the winter wonderland outside and the nice, cozy moments of snuggling inside.

Does your pet have any specific needs in winter?



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