Let's learn the secret language of pets

Let's learn the secret language of pets

  • Sep 04

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Let's learn the secret language of pets

by Jessica Britt

There are over 6500 spoken languages in the world today and not one of them is the one your cat or doggo speaks. Although our lovable furballs don’t have the ability to talk to us in English, or any other language, that doesn’t really mean that they’re not communicating with us constantly.


You just have to pay attention to all the non-verbal cues they are sending, and you’ll be able to understand the secret language of your pet in no time.


1. Revelations of a Wagging Tail 

Doggos communicate many emotions though their tails, from fear and anger to excitement. A medium height tail means your pup is relaxed, a tail tucked under the body means he is afraid and submissive, while a tail held horizontally might mean the dog perceives you as a threat. Also, you should know that a broad wag means the dog is happy, a slight wag is usually a greeting form and a slow wag denotes fear or insecurity.


2. The Cat Hug

Cats can communicate also with their tails, but did you know they also give cat hugs?

If a cat’s tail is vertical, that means she’s happy. If it’s a lower position and swinging side by side, she’s relaxed and content. A twitching or thumping tail shows that your furry companion is annoyed. But the loveliest thing they do with their tails is by far the cat hug. When your kitty rubs herself against you, wrapping their tail around you, they are definitely giving you a hug!

Now isn’t that sweet?


3. The kitty symphony

Some cats like to be vocal, while others not so much. A high-pitched meow usually means your cat is happy or playful, while a low pitch tone shows discontentment.

A cat’s purr can be music to our ears and for a good reason, purring mostly means your cat is relaxed and blissful.

Source: Freepik


4. The duality of the belly rub

You’d think all pets love a good belly rub and that when they roll on the floor, exposing their belly to us, that’s a clear sign they want to be petted, right? Well, think again!

This might be true for dogs, as they indeed love to have their bellies rubbed, but with cats, things are quite the opposite. Usually, when a cat rolls over on their back suddenly, they are going into a defensive stance, as they are feeling threatened. Try to abstain from rubbing the belly, as the cat might react aggressively.


5. The meaning of sweaty paws

Did you know that dogs have the ability to sweat through their paws? Now, we all know that dog panting is a clear sign of stress, especially if it’s not hot outside or if they haven’t been running for miles. But sweaty paws can also be another sign of stress, so next time your dog leaves wet imprints on the floor, check out what’s wrong with your furry friend.


Isn’t it amazing how these small creatures can communicate with us in so many ways, without even saying a word? All we have to do is pay attention and we’ll understand perfectly all their moods and what they are trying to tell us. I’m gonna go now and hug my cat and I really, really hope he’s gonna wrap his cute, fluffy tail around me too!




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