Life with Pets: 5 funny rules they impose on us

Life with Pets: 5 funny rules they impose on us

  • Jun 18

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Life with Pets: 5 funny rules they impose on us 

by Jessica Britt

Who’s the king of the castle in your home? 


If you’re living with pets, you already know the answer is them. 


Just like us humans, animals have different types of personalities, cute quirks and habits that owners must accept and abide by. I would say it’s the unwritten rule of having a lovable furball. 


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So, let’s see what are some hilarious rules or habits that pets impose on us, that we can’t simply say no to: 


1. Doors are not made to be closed! “What is this annoying barrier that separates me from my human? Must scratch it, must make noise, must take down this wooden enemy!” It is a well-known fact that cats are always on the wrong side of a door. Wanted some privacy, some alone time? Ha, think again! Your kitty will scratch and meow until you let them in the room. And once inside, don’t you dare close that door again! 


2. I wake up, you wake up! Who needs an alarm clock when they have a doggo or a cat? Or 8 to 10 hours of sleep for that matter… Pet owners all over the world can testify to the fact that once they've got their furry friend, their sleeping habits have changed: waking up at ungodly hours because someone’s barking or licking their face, scrubbing their fur against their cheeks or even scratching. 


3. Tables are for walking on them, keyboards or laptops for taking naps, doh! Another fun fact that cats teach us is that furniture is not intended for the use we think it is. Clearly, tables and counters are not for having lunch, but for having a nice stroll.“Now scoot over, I’mma need that keyboard to rest my weary bones, don’t mind me, I’mma just be lazy hereee...“And we all know that toilets were only invented because your doggo needs a big water bowl to quench that thirst! 


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4. Gifts from the heart can be also dead flies, birds or rats. You’d think one expresses his love only with flowers or expensive gifts. Well, for your cat the rule is simple, if they love you, they will hunt and provide food for you. So, when you wake up to find them happily bringing you small dead insects to the foot of your bed, know that in a weird way, that is their version of breakfast in bed. 


5. Your bed is not yours anymore! Sharing is caring and our little pets know it. That’s why they allow us a tiny quarter of our (ha, we must be delusional!) bed, a little corner where we can rest, while they sleep like kings and furry queens in the comfort and the fluffiness of our fresh, citrusy scented sheets. Sometimes they will even mimic our behavior and sleep next to us with their heads on the pillow, all snuggled up under the blankets. Honestly, who can say no to them, even when they impose their own set of rules in our homes? 



Source: Unsplash


What funny (or annoying) rules have your pets imposed in your house? 


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