Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Cleaner Home in 2022

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Cleaner Home in 2022

  • Jan 10
2022 New Year's resolutions for a cleaner home

New year, new home - at least, that’s what we all aspire to achieve. Keeping up with New Year’s resolutions is already difficult, especially when it comes to New Year cleaning resolutions. Where do we begin? Moreover, what’s with the superstition surrounding cleaning your house for the new year? (Confused by that? We were too, but it’s a thing!) Even if we’re not superstitious, what is the best way to go about actually sticking to cleaning resolutions??

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have no fear - Angry Orange is here!

We’ve got the skinny on the best ways to prep, prime, and polish your home to complete your New Year’s resolutions. From the basics on getting a clean house before the new year, the best Angry Orange products (and at-home remedies) to use, all the way to a New Year’s cleaning checklist filled with resolutions to make sure your house gets clean (and stays clean). 

Let’s get scrubbing!

Is it Bad Luck to Clean Your House on New Year’s Day?

As if keeping up with New Year’s resolutions wasn’t enough, some superstition tells us that we shouldn’t even clean on New Year’s Day! For people who want to get a head start, you may want to wait a bit (and for those who love to put things off, here’s another reason).

Those of us who are tuned in to holiday wive’s tales may already be aware of this, but it is said that those who try cleaning their house on New Year’s Day may be faced with bad luck that year

Some versions of the story say that if you do laundry on January 1st, you run the risk of losing or “washing away” a loved one that year. Others, however, simply state that you will “wash away good luck”. One a similar note, sweeping your floors on January 1st can “sweep away a loved one”, so maybe avoid that one as well.

Alright, so we don’t do laundry or sweep the floor. We can do other stuff, right? 


According to the myth, you shouldn’t take out your trash on January first either, as you may be throwing out prosperity along with it! 

Most of these sayings come from the idea that whatever you do on January 1st reflects the rest of your year - so you can interpret that as you like. While some may take that as an excuse to avoid housework, others in the New Year New Home mentality may want to start the new year on the right foot! Even if you don’t start cleaning on January 1st, it’s never too late to find the right products to get you going. 

For natural, citrus smelling cleaners that will help you start 2022 off right, check out some Angry Orange cleaning products - from pet deodorizers to bathroom sprays, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Cleaning Routines for the New Year

It’s one thing to do a deep clean, but how do we get our bustling abode to stay clean? This question has plagued households for generations - but there is an answer to your New Year cleaning woes, I assure you. 

And that answer lies in a fun little set of words I call a ‘consistent routine’. Sounds scary, I know, but fear not. Even those of us who have a hard time washing a dish (i.e. me) may find that by breaking down your chores into more manageable tasks makes the whole thing easier! Here are some small things you can do daily, weekly, and monthly: 

Daily Routines

  • Put your dirty clothes away. New Year organization starts with the basics. You’ll be shocked at what a difference there is between having a few articles of clothing on the floor vs. in the hamper! Plus, this task takes no more than like, 45 seconds. Easy! 
  • Set a timer and do the dishes. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Dishwashers make this chore a bit easier, I’ll admit - but a system I use for myself (a long time sufferer of ADHD) is setting a 5 minute timer and doing as many dishes as I can in that time frame. Once the timer is done, you’re done for the day. You’d be surprised how many dishes can knock out. 

Weekly Routines

  • Pick a day to vacuum. My Vacuum Day is Sunday, because this chore distracts me from thinking about how sad it is that it’s Sunday. If you don’t have a carpet, sweeping is a little more effective (but don’t do it on January 1st, lest you sweep out your prosperity)!

New Year's pet odor solutions to help clean the house.

  • Deodorize your space (and your pet’s space). I’ll say it. Pets can get pretty gross, and having one requires weekly cleaning, as annoying as that may be. That’s why for your New Year cleaning goals, we’ve got the solution. Our Angry Orange pet stain remover/deodorizer is perfect for weekly cleansing, small accidents, and an overall pleasant smelling time! You may also want to try the urine detecting UV light to find any hard-to-see messes. 

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Monthly Routines

  • Dust, dust, dust! If you’ve got seasonal allergies, this may be the key to end your itchy eye and throat problem. Take 1 day out of the month to dust off all your surfaces, cabinets, and appliances. Your place will go from sneezy to sparkling in a matter of minutes, trust me. 
  • Deep clean your bathroom. Arguably anyone’s least favorite chore, but luckily you only have to do it once per month. There is no better way to start your New Year, New Me 2022 mentality than taking a day in the month to scrub down the worst room in the house.

The Top 5 Resolutions for a Cleaner, Happier Home

We’ve got the ultimate (and reasonable) New Year’s cleaning checklist that can actually be followed. If you don’t feel like you can do all of them, no worries - just pick out 1 or 2 that you think would be useful in your life! 

1. Throw Out All Garbage (And We Mean ALL)

This doesn’t just mean trash - this means donating clothes you don’t wear, appliances you don’t use, and even technology you don’t need. Humans don’t actually need that much stuff, so this is a great way to start off your New Year’s organization and clear out some space. 

2. Bring Something In, Take Something Out

Whenever you buy something new, consider donating something old, or giving it to a friend. This gets rid of needless clutter, and can make someone else happy! 

3. Put Away Your Laundry

Laundry on the floor vs. laundry in your drawers makes a world of difference. Your clothes stay clean and wrinkle-free, while your room stays tidy. This one isn’t always easy to get into the habit of, so consider starting first by putting your laundry on your bed, then moving to actually putting it away. 

4. Declutter Your Surfaces After Each Use

If you’re all done with those spices, put them back in the cabinet. Unopened mail? Open it and toss what you don’t need. This frees up space and keeps your place looking nice. 

5. Don’t Buy More Than You Need!

This is probably the easiest one to follow. New Year cleaning is super easy when there isn’t a mountain of stuff to sift through. Just buy the basics and find joy in other places (like an iced coffee, or a walk). I know, it sounds lame, but long-term gratification is more rewarding than instant gratification!

So, What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s resolutions vary from fitness to finance and everything in between. No matter what yours are, we’re happy to help - especially when it comes to cleaning. Check out the Angry Orange website for more stellar products, helpful tips, and useful info! 

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor