5 pet-safe plants that will clean the air in your house

5 pet-safe plants that will clean the air in your house

  • Aug 04

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5 pet-safe plants that will clean the air in your house

by Tracy Davis

Keeping a clean house is crucial not only for our well-being, but for our pets also. A very important part of a clean house is the quality of the air. 

Fresh, clean air is beneficial for our bodies but also for our mental health. Unfortunately, all of us pet owners know that life with furry friends, as much as it is delightful, can be stinky too. With pets come bad smells too and keeping the air clean in your house becomes even more important than before. 


Of course, there are several ways of keeping your house smelling fresh and clean and we’ve discussed before the benefits of using dedicated products like Angry Orange, that remove the foul smells from your furniture, floors or from the air. 

Besides that, plant lovers will also rejoice in hearing that another great way of purifying the air in your home is through plants.


Plants, as well as thorough airing of the house, can help remove chemical contaminants that can be found in building materials, they can soothe burning eyes or help relieve breathing difficulties. The mechanism is quite simple: plants release water vapor, which pulls the contaminants from the air down into he roots, where they are converted in food for the plants. It’s a win-win situation I’d say, we get clean air, they get food.

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But, before you go on a plants shopping spree, take into consideration that not all plants are safe for our beloved furballs. Some plants are toxic and can cause serious illness or even worst, if they are ingested. And we all know that pets like to munch on our plants, especially cats. So, let’s see a list of air purifying plants that are safe for our pets also:


1. Bamboo palm

The bamboo plant is perfect both for you and your pet. It’s hardy, low maintenance and has a high shade tolerance. Even if your pet takes a liking to it and starts nibbling on it, no harm will come its way as it’s a safe plant for pets.


2. Spider plant

If you are a beginner when it comes to taking care of plants, this one is what you need, as it doesn’t require much. Easy to maintain, this plant prefers indirect sunlight and it makes small clusters of white flowers. It will look great on a shelf or a hanging basket.


3. Boston fern

Another great air cleansing plant is the Boston fern. It’s lush, low maintenance and safe for animals. Place it on a shady porch and let your doggo or cat relax under it.


4. Money tree

With a braided trunk and lush, green leaves, the money tree is an amazing indoor plant. It prefers warm room temperatures, indirect light and humid air.


5. Moth Orchids

Orchids are not only absolutely beautiful but they can also keep the air clean. Choose a Moth Orchid to adorn your living room and rest assured that it’s perfectly safe for your furry companion.


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It’s also good to know what plants to steer clear of, as they are toxic for pets and can do more harm than good: Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Weeping figs, Snake plants, Oleander (extremely toxic to both cats and dogs, can lead to organ failure) Easter Lilies, Dragon tree, Devil’s Ivy.


What about you? Do you have plants in your home and do you choose them depending on their level of toxicity towards your pets?


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