5 annoying things non-pet owners say

5 annoying things non-pet owners say

  • Jul 03

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5 annoying things non-pet owners say 

by Jessica Britt

Don’t know about you, but I am fiercely protective when it comes to my little ray of sunshine and fur, aka my blind cat. I am one of those people that prefer the company of pets to that of other people and you could even say that I like animals more than humans. Because I do. 


I’m not gonna launch myself now into a tirade of why kitties and doggos are so much better and way more human than a lot of people I know, but I am gonna share with you some things that frustrate me when it comes to how people see animals, especially non pet owners. 


Have you ever had a friend over for a visit, or even staying for a couple of days at your place, that simply grated all your nerves with the things they were saying about your pet? Yes Karen, I’m talking about you!

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1. Ow, you have a cat?


Or a dog/ parrot/ ferret/ Guinea pig or any other living creature you love and adore. It’s not so much the question that annoys me, but that tone of voice it comes in. You know the one, as if they are saying “ew, pets”. Ew, to you too, Karen!

Having a pet is the most wonderful thing in the world and the connection you establish with that little soul is nothing short of rewarding.

I understand that there are people in this world that dislike animals and I respect that. We are all free to love whom and what we want. But if I respect your choice of not having animals or disliking them, you better respect my choice of loving them, especially if you are in my house.

In my house my cat rules. Not because he wants too, but because I want him too!


2. You let your pet sleep in bed with you? But animals are dirty!


We’ve already discussed in a previous article the benefits of letting your furball sleep in your bed. It’s great for bonding, relieves stress and anxiety, helps with insomnia and even cures loneliness. 

But what annoys me the most from this idea non pet owners have, is that our furry friends are dirty just because they are animals. Come on! I bet a lot of pets are cleaner than some humans. Have you seen how many times a day a cat cleans itself and grooms itself? Do you know how often dog owners give their doggos a proper bath and clean their cute paws?  

Animals are not dirtier than us humans just because they are animals!



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3. Why do you treat your pet like a baby?

My question is: “Why not?”

Should I only act loving and motherly towards a child that I gave birth to? Or only to a human child?

This is one of the things non pet owners say that rubs me the wrong way the most. I think, first of all, that in my own home I can treat my pet the way I want to. Second of all, being loving, affectionate and caring toward your pet only shows how much empathy and motherly instincts you have. You could be a great mother without having children.



4. Animals have no soul. 


I know this one is a bit tricky because it has to do with religion and people’s beliefs. I am not arguing with anyone on the matter and I want to make it very clear, this is just my own, personal opinion. 

Ok, so maybe there is no doggo heaven up there, but that does not mean our pets have no soul. 

Non pet owners should see with their eyes how compassionate, how loving animals can be. Not only towards their owners, but towards other animals as well. I’ve seen cats nursing and raising motherless puppies, I’ve seen dogs taking care of a sick stray doggo and the list of examples could go on and on and on… Our pets, all animals in general, prove to us everyday that they have a soul and it is the most wonderful thing ever. 


5. Using the pronoun “it” when it comes to your pet


“Does it leave a lot of fur?”

Does he Karen, my cat is a male, not an object!

Now, I know this is a normal way of talking about an animal, especially if you don’t know the gender, but when it comes to my own cat, it feels like you are disregarding him.

I think the polite thing to do is ask the gender of the pet and then use the appropriate gender pronoun, that way everyone is happy.

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What do you think about these things non pet owners say? Is it just me, or you wish they would stop saying them too?


What other things you hear people say about your pet that bothers you?


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