Two dogs laying in the back of a car looking at the mountains.

Tips to Help Remove the Dog Smell from Your Car

  • Nov 16

Two dogs laying in the back of the car looking at the mountains.

You, without a doubt, do appreciate your furry friend. However, you can't also deny that their odor, particularly if it is one of the large breeds, can be overbearing. When your dog is out in the open, its odor may be less noticeable, but what about when you have it in your car during a road trip?

The scent that your pup leaves behind within the confined environment sometimes intensifies. You could even think that it is impossible to remove such a smell. However, there are a few ways that you can do it. In this post we'll discuss methods that you can use to help remove dog smell from your car.

How to get dog smell out of your car?

One of the advantages of being a dedicated dog companion is the endless amount of fun you can have when your pup is riding co-pilot during your adventures. Sadly, you understand these amazing trips sometimes come at a cost: your vehicle's stench. Here are eight ways of freshening up your car and making your fun times with your furry friend even merrier.

Find the root cause (pet stain and urine detector) 

Angry Orange's stain sniper pet urine detector

Using a UV stain and urine detector is one of the most effective ways to "detect" intrusive dog urine stains that might be overlooked. A urine illuminator is an excellent tool that can help make sure you have all the surface stains out of your automobile. This pocket-size UV light easily attaches to any standard spray bottle to illuminate hard to see urine stains. This eases the identification and ensures the treatment of the correct spot.

Vacuum the odor out 

This Worx portable car vacuum cleaner

Portable car vacuum cleaners are great at removing odors, including your dog's. If the stench results from particle properties, vacuum your vehicle first.

This is something you must do regularly, as dog hair might be the root cause an irritating dog odor in your car. You should use a portable vacuum if you have one, and if not, consider renting one from a car wash for a fee. You can also use the couching attachment in your vacuum.

Use car shampoo 

Car shampoos can help remove your dog's smell from the car, as the ingredients in this solution can dissolve the chemical components in your dog's urine. A shampoo treatment to your vehicle's interior is also helpful if your dog defecates inside the vehicle.

Change air filters 

Air filters help sift out filthy breath. However, when you do not replace them constantly, they become clogged and eventually, may stop working properly. You need to check the air filters after a drive with your dog to guarantee that they are clear from any pollutants discharged while in the car.

Changing your car's air filters regularly may be time-consuming and costly, particularly when you often ride alongside your dog. As a result, it is recommended that you get some recyclable air filters, which are simpler and less expensive to replace than regular air filters.

Apply odor neutralizers

You should destroy or neutralize all unwanted odor particles nested deeply inside the fibers of your car's canvas and other surfaces. Fortunately, there are various solutions for removing such doggy odor:

Angry Orange pet odor eliminator spray next to fresh oranges

  1. Angry Orange pet odor eliminator spray is the perfect option to help remove the unwanted dog smell that's left behind in your car. It's derived from the oil found in orange peels and will leave your vehicle smelling citrusy fresh. 
  2. White vinegar is an organic odor remover that gets rid of all smells after drying up. Fill a sprayer halfway with water and white vinegar and use the mixture to sanitize both seats and floors. Conversely, use this mixture to wet a rag, then wipe everything clean.
  3. Sprinkling a water and vodka solution in the atmosphere can refresh and eradicate odors. Ensure to spray at the source and then leave your car's windows open.

Use baking soda 

Baking soda has a reputation for collecting scents without contributing any odor by itself. Other individuals do this by leaving an open box inside the fridge. A similar concept can help to get rid of mild dog odors inside cars.

To eliminate odors, leave a small dish or a rimmed plate with baking soda inside your car overnight. If the odor persists, continue the cycle for a few more nights.

Baking soda was previously made of crystalline forms that bind microscopic substances circulating all-around your automobile, even those that your dog left behind.

Use an enzymatic cleaner for deep odors and stains 

Angry Orange pet enzyme cleaner spray bottle

You can remove dog spots and smells with enzymatic cleaners that are safe for pets. Enzymes and bacteria, like those in yogurt, are present in such non-toxic treatments. Once applied to the spots, they begin to 'digest' the organic substance. It often removes the stains and odor, the 'meal' is over. Before using enzymatic cleaners on your home, it's recommended to test them in an inconspicuous location to see how your pet reacts.

Enzyme cleaners are also useful for cleaning up other dog mishaps, including removing dog feces spots from vehicle upholstery. If some smell remains, use a baking soda or vinegar solution to eliminate it all.


One of the greatest compounds for absorbing odors is carbon. Take a lump of charcoal, the kind used for grilling, and keep it in your car for a couple of days. The can help the odor dissipate.

The easiest way to do this is by buying a charcoal bag and placing it inside your car. Make a hole at the top to allow it to absorb the smell inside as you ride.

The take away

Following the instructions above to eliminate odors in your car, along with keeping your pet hygienic through regular washing and maintenance, may reduce the pet's smell inside your vehicle. However, sometimes this goes beyond your control.

Bugs and bacteria-infected skins, ear diseases, dental issues, along anal sac issues may enhance dog smell, rendering it more difficult to suppress. If you follow the measures above and the odor remains, consider taking your dog for an examination to verify that it is healthy.

At Angry Orange, we understand that dogs are adorable but can leave an unpleasant smell on everything they come into contact with. This is why we built a breakthrough collection of pet stain removal and odor eliminator solutions that effectively eliminate even the most potent pet odors. If you have any queries regarding Angry Orange or would like to make a purchase, please visit our website!