Young girl with her puppy Christmas gift.

What to Consider When Gifting a Puppy for Christmas

  • Oct 19

Young girl with her puppy Christmas gift.

If you are considering using a puppy as a gift for your loved one this Christmas and are wondering if it's a good idea, then you are in the right place.  Puppies make for adorable gifts, especially for animal lovers. The sight of a puppy wearing a festive bow evokes a lot of fond memories in children and adults alike.

When wondering how to surprise someone with a puppy, it is prudent to take your voice of reason with you. The sight of Christmas puppies is adorable, but puppies come with their fair share of responsibilities, both in the form of time and expenses. A dog bed, cleaning supplies such as Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, toys, and dog food are all essential supplies. It is therefore upon you to find out whether the recipient is capable of handling the forthcoming responsibilities.

Gifting Your Family or Child a Puppy for Christmas

Using a puppy as a gift sounds nice and caring. Puppies add love and fun to families and children love to play with them. When done in the right manner, a puppy gift's effect is immense and magical.

Therefore, before your child goes wild with excitement saying "I got a puppy for Christmas", you need to understand what responsibilities that gift comes with. A puppy comes with its own set of responsibilities and claims plenty of energy and time to take care of. Furthermore, it is a gift that will be around for 10-15 years. Therefore, it is important to inquire whether the recipient is ready for such responsibility before you commit yourself to a gift.

Is a Puppy a Good Gift?

A puppy is undeniably a good gift and one you should consider gifting those special people in your life. A puppy for birthday present sounds perfect, especially if the recipient is happy to take up the responsibilities that the puppy comes with. They provide constant happiness and a strong bond is developed between a person and the puppy.

But given the fact that they are living creatures, it calls for much more emphasis on whether or not to go for one. Therefore, the fact that you are wondering about how to gift a puppy should be informed by the awaiting responsibilities.

What to Consider When Bringing a Puppy Home

Puppies are special and are perfect gifts for special occasions. If you are wondering how to surprise your child with a puppy for Christmas or any other occasion, you need to put a few things into consideration.

  • How your kids and the rest of the family interact with the puppy is critical. They should be peaceful and friendly towards it.
  • How responsible are your children? Have they been asking for a puppy? Are they ready to take care of it? Do they know how to clean stains and accidents? Puppies are a long-term investment and knowing how to take care of them is of the essence.
  • The kind of dog breed you want. Certain breeds will work better than others depending on the age of your children, whether it is an outdoor or indoor dog, the levels of energy of the dog, and the household dynamics. Check out this handy dog breed selector to find the perfect fit.

Tips for Gifting a Puppy on Christmas

Christmas is that special time of the year when people come together to celebrate. There are plenty of gifts that are given, but the question of how to give a puppy for Christmas stands out. This is occasioned by the fact that this is a living gift and it will be around for quite some time.

  • It is great idea to adopt a puppy instead of shopping for one. Given the high number of dogs available at your local humane society, it would be nice to adopt from there.
  • Avoid bringing a puppy on the eve of Christmas. Christmas morning normally encompasses a flurry of activities and a multitude of people gathering, which can overwhelm and cause anxiety in a puppy (tips to help calm an anxious dog). Instead, consider using a gift card or IOU saying that the family should pick up the puppy at a later date.
  • Ensure that you have everything your puppy requires at your disposal before bringing it home. Some of the must-haves include a dog bed, cleaning supplies, toys, and dog food.
  • Ensure that the puppy or dog gets along with everyone

Christmas present puppy

We Can Help

Puppies are special animals and a man's best friend. At Angry Orange, we are dedicated to ensuring that a cohesive relationship between dog and man exists. If you are thinking of using a puppy as a gift, check out our selection of Odor Eliminators and Stain Removers to help keep stains away.