About Us

At Angry Orange, we get it. Pets are so darn cute, but they also seem to leave behind nasty odors on every surface they touch. That’s why we formulated a revolutionary line of pet odor eliminator and pet stain removal products that stop the strongest pet smells in their tracks.

From our line of powerful pet deodorizers to our stain-busting enzyme cleaners, pet customers everywhere are raving about the powerful pet neutralizing punch of Angry Orange.

About Our Product

Angry Orange is a biodegradable cold press formula specially formulated with real, fresh orange oil, a natural disinfectant that attacks on contact, leaving behind the scent of fresh-squeezed oranges. It doesn’t just mask the odors – it eliminates them completely. All it takes is a couple of spritzes and Angry Orange will have your senses going from “ewwww pooo” to “ahhhhh oranges” in no time. And with no chemical scents, Angry Orange packs a powerful punch. Check out our FAQ’s page for additional information about our products.

Our History

Originally formulated for eliminating livestock and poultry production odors, Angry Orange has its humble beginnings in busting through the funkiest sludge-ponds, poultry farms, and feedlots.  

Created in 2014, the inventors of Angry Orange quickly realized that if we can stop the nastiest smells at the source around these places, what can it do for pesky pet smells around the house? Ever since, we’ve grown into a pet industry favorite for busting through the smelliest dog and cat scents and messes.

Angry Orange has been featured in numerous publications including Real Simple, People, and Better Homes & Garden.

Our Philosophy

Keeping your children and pets safe is our priority. Unlike other home cleaning products, our Angry Orange cold-pressed formula is chemical-free. We want you to have peace of mind knowing our products are safe to use around your home.

Our Mission

To deliver a powerful odor eliminator that replaces kitty cat stank and doggy doo-doo with a fresh orange scent while keeping your children and pets safe. It smells like heaven, and works like hell.

Customer Satisfaction


“We have been potty training a little pup and she is very very stubborn. This has been a life saver.”

Amazon Customer ✔ Verified


“This formula is incredible! It not only eliminates the odor, but it also smells SO GOOD! One of my cats peed on the floor & it got on a tote bag. I sprayed it with Angry Orange, & there was no stink at all!"

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“I have a senior dog...Dog diapers are not a good option. This solution is just what I needed. Destroys the urine smell like a champ."

Amazon Customer ✔ Verified


“Runs outside to let dogs in and sees the neighbor outside. Neighbor asks if I’m making some kind of orange juice because she’s never smelled such a potent orange smell emanating from a seemingly normal house. I laugh as I shall never reveal my secret.”

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