6 worldwide cities perfect for cat people

6 worldwide cities perfect for cat people

  • Oct 01

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6 worldwide cities perfect for cat people

by Jessica Britt

If you’re like me, your love for cats transcends the bond that you have with your kitty. It reflects into how you also treat stray animals, how you resonate with other cat people and it can influence even big life decisions like what city to live in.




Of course, choosing what city to call home is based on a lot of complicated decisions, mostly involving financial reasons, job opportunities, or relationships. But sometimes, it’s really nice to discover that your future home is also famous for being cat-friendly.




So, let’s take a look at 6 worldwide cities that are renown for celebrating these fearless felines like nobody else:



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1.   Portland, Maine, USA



Did you know that Maine is an uber cat-friendly state? Almost 47% of all households in this state have at least one cat, while the Maine Coon is considered to be their official state cat.



So, if you’re thinking of moving to Portland with your fluffy friend, rest assured that both of you will love it!






2.   Istanbul, Turkey



I can personally attest to how well cared for are the cats in Istanbul, having lived there for six months. The people of this huge metropolis take time from the daily hustle and bustle, to feed and pet these cute felines, that can be found abundantly on the streets of this city. At every street corner, you will find small cathouses and shelters, water and food bowls laid out for them.




3.   Seattle, Washington, USA



Another cat-loving American city is Seattle, where they celebrate National Cat Day and where Uber sometimes offers you the option of cuddling with cute cats that they can bring at your home or office. The cuddling kitties are from shelters and they’re always available for adoption, so who knows how a cuddles session can be the way you meet your new pet.





4.   Rome, Italy



Rome is a breathtaking city, striking not only through history and architecture but also because of its many stray cats that lounge on the sunny streets. They are well-groomed and well feed and will delight you with cuddles and meows.






5.   Scottsdale, Arizona, USA



This city is perfect for meowmies that like to treat their pets like royalty. It has a high number of shelters, vets, and pet stores, so you can be certain that you will find the best toys and treats for your furry friend. The Arizona summers are perfect for cats, as they can lounge lazily on the porch or in the courtyard, soaking up all the sun.






6.   Tokyo, Japan



Tokyo is considered to be the number one destination for cat lovers. Either you are considering moving there or just dreaming about one day traveling to Japan, you should know you’ll be overwhelmed by the cat paraphernalia and the actual cats. There are many cat cafes around the city where people can spend their time playing with the lovely creatures.




Do you live in a cat friendly city? How are the people living in your area treating the neighborhood strays?  


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