Amazing facts about cats you probably didn’t know!

Amazing facts about cats you probably didn’t know!

  • Jul 07

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Amazing facts about cats you probably didn’t know!

by Jessica Britt

Ever since I was a child, I have been raised with pets around me. To be honest, I can’t imagine how living without cats or dogs is. They are a part of my life and it would be so strange not to hear a bark or a meow. Even at 3 o’clock in the morning! ;)


Guys, I must admit. I love being a pet owner. They not only put a smile on my face, but also teach me to be more patient and calm.


Today I’m gonna tell you 5 amazing things I have learned about cats. I still remember the day  my grandpa brought me a kitty. It was a small ball of fur jumping all over the house.


We grew up together, and I was curious to find out as much as possible about the cat’s behavior. That’s the only way I could understand the things my kitty was doing.


Let’s start!

Source: Unsplash


1. They like to show their love through...

Bites? Oh, yes. When your cat bites you while playing, they actually show you love and affection. This type of bite is very different from those caused by fear or defense mechanisms that result into injury. “Love” bites are a funny and strange behavior of adorable cats.

Presents? Looots of them! Cats often show affection by leaving “gifts” for their owner. Cats are innate hunters, so when they bring you freshly caught prey, they actually offer you a delicious meal. You may not want to touch the gift with your bare hands, but keep in mind that their intentions are good and this behavior is in fact a sign of love. 


2. Hiding in small boxes? All the time.

The most common escape location is a medium-sized cardboard box (it can be a shoebox or mineral water packaging). This provides a quiet space for your cat, and the smaller it is, the better. Besides the heat generated by the cardboard insulation, the four “walls” of the box offer the desired safety and comfort. In addition, your cat can spy on you or whoever is invading its territory by peeking over the sides of the box. The boxes are also good because they can give them a place to scratch, without damaging anything.




Source: Unsplash


3. They look into your eyes and blink slowly

Although cats are considered experts in hiding their emotions, they try to show affection to their owner in their specific way: by blinking slowly. Researchers call this proof of love “cat kisses.” The next time you notice that your cat is doing this, try to imitate its behavior. Most of the time, you’ll notice that they continue to do the same. Wink, wink! ;)


4. Walking “on the spot”

When a cat knocks with its paws and purrs, it uses an instinct that it has developed from the first days of life. According to studies, when a cat drinks milk, it massages the mother’s belly (or “goes on the spot”) to stimulate milk production. The habit does not disappear even when cats are adults and they turn to it when they are satisfied, feel comfortable, or feel the need to calm down.


5. Last but not least… tearing down objects

If some cats are simply inattentive, most of them intentionally tear down objects out of a desire to get their owner's attention. Sometimes they do it for their simple fun or because they have the impression that this is a game their master has started to like as well.




Do you also have a cat? Share your experience and tell us other interesting facts you know about kittens.  

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