How to avoid Christmas dangers for your pet

How to avoid Christmas dangers for your pet

  • Dec 15

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How to avoid Christmas dangers for your pet 

        by Jessica Britt

Are you excited? It’s time for the holiday frenzy to begin! Did you buy the Christmas tree? Do you have enough ornaments, tinsel and pretty lights? Does your house smell like gingerbread cookies and cinnamon cloves candles? What about the Christmas food, what will be on the menu? And the gifts and the carols and the mistletoe?

What about your pet?

Naturally, you want to have awesome holidays together with the family, including the furry companions that are part of it. You should be aware, then, of some simple rules that you should respect in order to make sure that your Christmas is not gonna be memorable for the wrong reasons. Nothing would dampen the holiday cheer like a visit to the emergency vet clinic!


Avoid any Christmas related dangers for your pet by following these steps:



1. Beware the Christmas Tree!

How many times didn’t you laugh at memes on the Internet about the Christmas tree that “fainted” due to a naughty cat? Admittedly, it is funny to watch it online, but it’s not funny when it happens to you. Make sure you place the tree in a corner and anchor it securely in place, to the ceiling or the sides, using small hooks and fishing line. This way you can avoid any tree falling disasters that can scare or injure your pet and make an overall mess in the house.


2. Safely light up the house

If you like to adorn your home with Christmas lights make sure to hang them in places your doggo or cat can’t reach. The higher on the wall or tree, the better.

Your pet will be attracted to the lights and if he can get his paws on them, he can injure himself by becoming entangled in the lights, or he can chew on them, which can lead to a lot of problems.


3. Dangerous mistletoe kisses

Who doesn’t want a kiss under the mistletoe? I for one, love this tradition, but I’m always careful where I place this plant, as it’s not really pet friendly.

Just as other popular Christmas plants, poinsettia & holly, mistletoe can be poisonous if ingested. Hang it from the ceiling if you want to have your cute, affectionate moments with your partner. As long as your pet can’t reach them to have a dangerous snack, you’re safe.

Source: Freepik


4. No Candy for you, Mr. Snuffles!

Christmas tree candies or holiday treats can be harmful for you furry friends, so make sure they can’t reach the candy canes or the chocolate truffles. Cookies containing raisins can also be bad for their stomachs. Pets can be huge beggars when it comes to our food, so make sure everybody knows not to give in to their big puppy eyes and feed them anything that could be toxic for them.


5. Ornaments are not for chewing

We have to understand that we perceive things different from our pets. To us ornaments are beautiful decorations for the house and tree, to make everything as festive as possible.

For them, they are just many, many, maaaany colorful toys that they want to play with, chew or eat. And that makes this a dangerous game.

Playing with the decoration can lead to cuts in the mouth or paws, while eating tinsel can cause serious gastrointestinal blockage.

Keep all the ornaments out of their sight, reach and mind so you can enjoy a peaceful holiday.




Source: Unsplash

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll have the most wonderful time of the year, without unwanted accidents and scares!

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