Doggo bonding time: 5 tips for an unbreakable connection

Doggo bonding time: 5 tips for an unbreakable connection

  • Oct 30

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Doggo bonding time: 5 tips for an unbreakable connection 

by Jessica Britt

Your family just grew bigger, with the addition of a new pup, a little fluffy ball of joy and energy that looks at you with big, beautiful eyes. The connection you feel with your new doggo is almost instant and will last for the entirety of your life together.

Ever since dogs were domesticated by humans, roughly 15.000 years ago (how time flies!), this unparalleled bond has been created between us and them. You can feel this special connection every time your puppy gets all happy and emotional when you come home after a long day at work, when he curls up in bed with you, sensing you’re having a bad day. It can be seen in dogs that reunite with their owners after months or even years of being apart, it can be seen when dogs that were lost, finally find their way back home.

But just like between us humans, this bond, based on trust and affection, is not simply a given, it must be nurtured and gained. It can be easily broken and it requires your time and will to thrive.

It’s actually easy to create a strong bond with your pup and there are some tip & tricks that might help you:

1. Use your first sense

The sense of touch is considered the first one we humans develop. It is extremely important in so many aspects of our life, including when we’re bonding with our new pet. Most dogs thrive on physical contact, so petting, cuddling, or grooming will create an intimate, strong connection between the two of you.

2. Learn their body language

Dogs communicate with us a lot through their body language, so learn the little signs that tell you what your pet is trying to say without words or barks. Also try to communicate with them clearly, without sending them mixed signals, be clear and consistent with your training signals.

Source: Unsplash

3. Use positive training

It’s very important to train your doggo from a young age, practicing with him every single day. Use only positive training, reinforcing the behaviors you want with some kind of reward, usually a tasty treat. This type of training is not only gonna teach your pup how to be a well-behaved member of the family, but it will also create a team dynamic between you and strengthen your bond.

4. Consistency is the key

Dogs thrive on predictability, so create a routine and stick to it. It’s okay to surprise them from time to time, like with an extra walk around the park or a new area to explore, but when it comes to meals, grooming or playtime, try to be consistent and your bond will grow.

5. Make room for walks and playtime

No matter how busy you might be or how tired, don’t neglect your four-legged companion. Always pencil in your schedule some playtime with your pup, be it inside the house, in the courtyard, or in the park. Even if you have a nice garden where your dog can run around and play, don’t skip the walks to the park. They are essential for your bonding time, but also for allowing your pet to socialize with other canine friends.

What other bonding rituals do you and your dog have? Each relationship between pup and owner is special and unique and we’d love to hear how you established it.

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