6 DIY activities for you and your pet

6 DIY activities for you and your pet

  • Nov 10

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6 DIY activities for you and your pet 

                      by Jessica Britt

The current global health crisis means that we’re forced to spend a whole lot more time indoors than we used to.

It’s not a situation that most of us have been through before, which means that it might be hard to cope with.

Luckily, our beloved pets are with us as well. Whether you’re a cat owner or a dog owner, there are activities to do that could help you relax and improve your little one’s life!

So maybe you’re over your hobbies, or your dog is fed up with his old bed, or your laser has run out of batteries and your cat is bored.

It might be the perfect time for some simple DIY pet projects!

1. Try Knitting!

Fall’s here, and Winter is just around the corner.

We have clothes to fall back on, but all our little friends have to work with is their own fur. That’s fine for some breeds, but there are quite a few dogs who struggle with harsher winter. You can try knitting some cute clothes for your furry friends to keep them warm on cold days. 

2. Custom food and water bowls

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try customizing a couple of wooden bowls for your cat or dog!

You could go for simple things like “Eat” & “Drink”, or go all out and engrave your pet’s name on them!

You will need a simple wood-burning tool for this job, but if you’re feeling cheeky, there’s more than a few places where you can order them online!

Source: Unsplash

3. Braiding a dog leash

If you’ve ever tried braiding, you know just how easy it is to start creating really fun and interesting things!

Take it a step further, try braiding a leash for your dog! Just pick the right color and you’re halfway there. Spend some quality time trying new and different designs until you land on one that you’re in love with!

4. Recycle!

An easy and fun way to make a new bed for your doggo is to recycle an old car tire!

All you need to do is wash and clean it, paint it to your liking, and put something comfy inside for your dog.

You’re not just giving him a nice and new place to sleep, you’re also helping save the planet!

5. Improvised Cat Toys.

They might be picky eaters, but toys are a whole different story for cats.

Most things around the house can be used as cool cat toys. When I was growing up, every pet shop used to sell small fishing poles with plush golden fish attached as cat toys.

We’ve come a long way, but it can still be as effective as ever!

Grab a stick and some yarn, attach a wine cork, a small plushie, or some decorative feathers and you’re set for hours of fun!

6. Cat in a Box

We all know just how much cats love hanging out and sleeping in boxes.

Why not just get your hands on a nicely sized box and line it up all cute and comfy for your cat? They’ll love it! 

Did you try any DIY projects for your pets?

Source: Unsplash

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