woman holding puppy and gift

31 Thoughtful Gifts for Dog Parents

  • Nov 02
woman holding dog and gift

Dog people are a different breed. Take one look at their camera roll and you’ll know their priorities in life: Chances are you’ll see more pics of their pup than photos of people! Nothing makes a dog lover happier than someone who recognizes how important their furry friend is to them.

When you’re looking for presents to get dog lovers, you can use this to your advantage. Say you’re invited to a birthday or Christmas party (or your slightly over-the-top dog-loving friend’s National Dog Day celebration) – a thoughtful, pet-themed token is sure to make any pup parent’s tail wag!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Parents

We’ve taken the guesswork out of gifting and compiled a long list of gift ideas for dog lovers into a comprehensive guide to help you find the best dog parent gifts for any occasion. Keep reading for helpful hints what to get someone who loves their dog and find the perfect present for the dog devotee in your life.

Gifts for the new dog parent

Dog training set

Set your friends up for success with a dog training bundle that includes all the essentials they’ll need to take their pooch from basic to boss dog. With treats always in reach and a clicker, dog whistle and potty-training bells to boot, their puppy will be graduating from obedience class in no time. And for those times when things don’t go as planned, get them this Angry Orange enzyme stain cleaner to remove any traces of accidents.

If your friends already have the training part covered, you can surprise them with this cute dog plush toy. It has a pulsing heartbeat and warming feature to give puppies comfort and reduce anxiety, making it a great gift for working dog parents!

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For the active dog parent

You know the type: The outdoor enthusiast who spends their weekends taking long hikes with man’s best friend. The yoga mom whose downward-dog routine includes taking classes with her four-legged partner. The surf enthusiast who takes his canine companion along whenever he goes out to catch a wave.

All that action is bound to leave Fido thirsty, so having water on hand is essential. A portable pet water dispenser with drinking feeder is a great gift for pet owners who are always on the go. And when it’s time for a break, this Tiny Tent is the perfect place to catch some z’s in the shade!

For dog owners with playful pups

Dog toy set with various chew toys

No matter if you’re shopping for a young pup or an older dog, rest assured that dog lovers can never have too many dog toys! This dog toy set with seven nearly indestructible rope toys will keep the most aggressive chewers entertained for hours. From playing catch to tug-of-war, this variety pack is chock-full of fun for hounds and their humans!

For those who love pets more than people

Some dog people are just, well… dog people. They prefer hanging out with their pet pal over human company any day, and the fact that you scored an invite to their party means you must be a valuable part of their pack. Show your appreciation with a funny gift that expresses the host’s or hostess’ true feelings, such as this travel tumbler or a t-shirt that leaves little doubt where their loyalties lie.

For the health-food advocate

These dog moms and dads want only the best for their fur babies and spare no expense nor effort to ensure the wellbeing of their pampered pooches! Box-store dog food simply isn’t cutting it in their world, and they’ll happily spend hours in the kitchen each week preparing gourmet dog dinners that would make Wolfgang Puck proud.

Show them that you get it by giving them a homemade dog treats kit they can use to whip up some doggie desserts that are as delicious as they are healthy. Want to take it a step further? Add this dog treat maker that can bake eight tasty, bone-shaped treats at a time. It even comes with dog-approved recipes to try!

For the prepper pet parent

Dog ear cleaner

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s no different in the dog world. Experienced dog owners know this and will do anything to keep their precious pups from getting sick. This Pro Pooch dog ear cleaner helps keep fluffy ears, floppy ears and anything in-between from getting yucky.

Is your friend’s dog on the accident-prone side? Then this pet first aid kit may be the ultimate dog gift for your pal! It has everything that’s needed for triage and treatment, including a convenient travel bag. With vet care costs on the rise, this is a gift that keeps on giving!

For the owner of a super-smart pup

Do you know someone whose dog is a true Einstein? Pet-friendly puzzles are perfect gifts for dog lovers who like to challenge their pups in a playful way. Food puzzles such as this interactive game toy are true boredom busters. By making them sniff out tasty treats, they keep dogs mentally stimulated and entertained. For dogs who aren’t quite ready for grad school, a snuffle mat may be a great alternative.

For dog owners who take their pups everywhere

Portable vacuum cleaner for dog hair

Most dogs love car rides, so it’s no surprise that many pet parents take their furry friends along whenever they leave the house. Help your dog-loving friends keep a clean car by giving them a ThisWorx portable car vacuum cleaner. The portable hand vacuum is perfect for sucking up pet hair and dirt that inevitably start to accumulate on your dashboard, seats, and floors during ride-alongs with your very own K-9 unit.

A protective car seat cover is another good gift for dog people. It will help protect their car’s interior from scratches and stains, makes cleanup a breeze, and is easy to install and remove as needed. That way, when it’s time for your friend to give you a ride, you don’t have to worry about getting covered with an involuntary fur coat.

Purely fun gifts for dog owners

If you’re looking for a gift for that funny, dog-loving colleague or a white elephant party at work, this Pooping Dogs calendar may fit the bill. Too crude for your office crowd? Get a pair of dog paw socks instead, or put any present inside this Pet Sweep Animal-Powered Debris Removal System gift box and enjoy the show! 

For the clean-freak dog parent

Pet odor eliminator spray bottle sitting next to fresh oranges

Where there’s a dog, there’s a mess. Help a pet parent out by giving them the tools to combat the chaos, from dirty paws to muddy coats. Keeping a dog-friendly house from smelling like a dog house can be a challenge, but the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator Spray packs the necessary punch to keep pet odors at bay. Just make sure the intended recipient likes the fruity smell of citrus!

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For those who like to show off their pooches

Know a dog owner with a particularly pretty pup worthy of its own portrait? Whether on the wall or on the back of a cell phone case, some dogs deserve to be in the spotlight! A personalized welcome mat is a sure way to get you invited into the home of any dog-crazy couple. The options for custom pet gifts and unique dog accessories are endless, so take some time to find the perfect personalized present to get your dog lover.

For pet parents with stock in lint rollers

Pet grooming brush

If your dog-owning giftee goes through lint rollers faster than toilet paper, you can’t go wrong with a good shedding tool. This grooming brush effectively removes mats, tangles, and loose fur to keep the dog comfortable and looking cute, and the home clean.

Of course, even daily brushing can’t completely prevent a dog from leaving furry traces on couches, blankets, dog beds… pretty much anywhere else they sit or sleep. This reusable ChomChom roller dog hair remover does the job of a lint roller without the hassle and waste of sticky sheets, making it a sustainable alternative that eco-conscious pet parents will appreciate.

For dog parents who have everything

Let’s say you’re dealing with a pro pet parent. There’s a good chance they already have all the essentials they need. So get them something they don’t need! Which dog mom could say no to this sparkling paw print necklace? Get even more personal with a handmade charm showing her favorite breed that has her dog’s name engraved.

For dog dads, this cool Dogfather t-shirt clearly signals their status as the alpha of the pack. And should you have the distinguished honor of knowing an insta-famous dog, you can secure a shoutout on social media here.

Giving The Right Gift for Your Fellow Dog Parent

Now that you have this useful guide to refer to, the dog days of finding perfect gifts for dog lovers are over. With the internet at your paws, you are only a few clicks away from getting them dog parent gifts they will truly cherish, so go ahead and start shopping!

Author: Marion Rhodes