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Enzymatic Cleaners: Everything Pets Owners Need to Know

  • Nov 18

Every kid wants a puppy as a gift, and every parent wonders who will really take care of the puppy. Ok, some kids want a kitten, but from the clean up standpoint, that's an even scarier proposition. Cleaning up pet stains is lot easier than it used to be thanks to a new breed of enzymatic cleaners that work far better than solutions of the past.

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What you need to know about enzymes

What's an enzyme?

Let's do a quick detour to organic chemistry and learn about enzymes. Enzymes are complex molecules in the protein class. Within the human body, they're responsible for the chemical reactions that make you function. Enzymes have the magical ability to catalyze these reactions as they search for their energy source.

Enzymes function sorta like Pac-Man mowing over every target in it's path.

Types of enzymes

There are four basic types of enzymes, each with their own molecular function:

  • Lipases: Breaks down fat molecules such as grease and oils.
  • Amylases: Targets starch molecules, like sugars.
  • Cellulases: Works on fibers made from cellulose—cotton, linen. ramie, and sisal—removing dirt and softening fabric.
  • Proteases: Can break down protein-based stains and odors, feces, urine, and other bodily fluids that your pets might leave behind.

How do enzymatic cleaners work?

Enzymatic cleaners contain enzymes that search for a host source for energy. In cleaning products, the enzymes are looking for bacteria—you know, like cat and puppy pee. Cleaners that work with plant-based enzymes are replications of those found in living organisms. These proteins are hungry for the bacteria that live in animal waste. The enzymes literally eat the offending residue without damaging the surrounding inorganic fibers.

    Why use enzymatic cleaners over other cleaning products?

    Pet stains are an organic material, so protease-based enzymatic cleaners are best for getting rid of pet stains and odors. Where enzymatic cleaners like Angry Orange shine is in cleaning odors and stains that contain uric acid.

    Let's be honest, pet urine is the bane of pet owners' existence and a common culprit when you need to deep clean your house. Unless your pet is ill, most poop is easy to scoop up and flush—it doesn't absorb into the carpet fibers like the urine does. This is because urine contains uric acid.

    Cleaning up messes containing uric acid

    Uric acid is not water-soluble, meaning that it will quickly bond to any surface it touches. The odor stays in the fibers. You may think you've removed it with your regular cleaner, but when your pet keeps going back to that spot for "accidents", you can be sure that they still smell the aroma. If you live in a humid part of the country, it's worse—the damp lets the uric acid crystals re-bond, so the odor reappears.

    Angry Orange breaks down those chemical bonds so the carbon dioxide and ammonia that make up the uric acid can finally evaporate, leaving your surface odor-free.

    Angry Orange is an enzymatic cleaner that uses the oil from orange peels. Orange is a natural cleaner, and the oils are biodegradable.

    That's it—no toxic chemicals that are harmful to your pets and kids. It's important to spot test to ensure your pet responds safely to it before using it in your home. 

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    Do I need other cleaning products with an enzymatic cleaner?

    When you make the switch to enzymatic household cleaners, you can toss your old acidic and alkaline cleaning products out. It's not that combining the two types of cleaners is dangerous, like mixing bleach with ammonia, but that's simply a waste of time and money.

    Any other cleaning solutions—bleach, vinegar, disinfectants, and especially home remedies—work on the entire surface they touch, so there's collateral damage from the chemicals coming into contact with surfaces.

    A common example? If your laundry bleach touches any fibers, that fabric loses color, too. Enzymatic proteins only nibble on their dietary proteins, so your garments aren't destroyed if a bit of enzymatic cleaner touches an unstained spot.

    Home remedies certainly have their place. Some people like to use a natural cleaner of baking soda and vinegar to clean up wet spots, but that combo only masks the odors, and it could leave marks on your carpet. More likely, you'll get a sticky mess that just sits on the surface of the fibers until you grind it in, then it's a chore to get out.

    One note about cat urine. If you think it's worse than puppy pee, you are right. Cat urine is practically a solid—it's the centuries of being desert animals with an enormous capacity to absorb water.

    What surfaces and materials do enzymatic cleaners work on?

    Angry Orange Pet Stain and Odor Remover works on almost any surface, The enzymes micro-target the bacteria that lurks in carpet fibers, but you can safely use the cleaner on upholstered furniture and curtains, too. Spray some on and rub it in with a soft toothbrush. Blotting with a soft cloth may work better if you're working with a fabric that isn't colorfast.

    Since pets aren't picky where they pee, consider spraying the cleaner onto mattresses that got in the line of fire.

    One place you shouldn't use an enzymatic cleaner? Leather.

    You can also spray the orange-scented enzymatic cleaner onto wood, tile, and concrete floors, even the concrete in the driveway. If your pets like to go in the shrubbery around the house, spray a little Angry Orange in the yard and around bushes so you can open your windows without the house smelling like a litter box. Speaking of litter boxes, check out this article for the top litter box odor solutions!  

    Cat walking by a spray bottle of Angry Orange enzymatic cleaner

    Where to get an enzymatic cleaner

    Now you know what an enzymatic cleaner is, how they work, and whether or not you need one! If you're a pet owner then chances are you do.

    Enzymatic cleaners can often be found in supermarkets or hardware stores. Why not make it easy on yourself, and let Angry Orange deliver right to your doorstep with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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