How to Keep the Home Fresh for the Holidays

How to Keep the Home Fresh for the Holidays

  • Nov 07
How to keep your home fresh for the holiday season

The holidays are around the corner, and that means it’s time to party! You’ve planned your meals, decorated the house, and set up fun activities. But there’s one last detail you may have forgotten.

That’s right…

We’re talking about pet odors.

As much as we love our four-legged friends, we must admit that they’re not always a breath of fresh air! Not everyone loves that distinct dog smell. (And don’t get us started on wet dog smell.) Fortunately, there are ways to keep your home smelling fresh without resorting to pricey treatments or sprays.

Here are our top 5 ways to keep your house smelling fresh this holiday season!

1. The Old-School Baking Soda Method

Even the toughest household odors can be vanquished with a page from grandma’s playbook. While this old-school tactic may not give you the same yummy smells as fragrant candles or dryer sheets, its low cost and reliability have made it a beloved odor-eliminating strategy for decades.

The process is simple. After finding the source of whatever odors lurk in your home, you must follow these three simple steps:

  1. Apply the Baking Soda: Sprinkle baking soda over the affected area. Be aware that this works best on fabrics — such as carpet fibers and sofas (of both the cloth and leather varieties).
  2. Let It Sit: Now, give it some alone time. It’ll work its magic over the course of a few hours. In extreme cases, you may need to leave it sitting for a few days.
  3. Clean It Up: After you’re done, vacuum up that baking soda. You can re-apply it as needed, beginning the process from step one each time.

2. Air Things Out

Maybe you have multiple problem areas. You can’t dump baking soda all over your house, so the next best solution is an open window!

Yes, simply leaving the windows cracked open can slowly rid your home of that pesky dog smell. Excitingly, this method works on any room with one or more windows, so even those tricky-to-clean small spaces can get some odor-eliminating love.

For interior rooms, consider using an air purifier. (Multiple air purifiers may be needed for large rooms and basements!) As noted earlier, this won’t blast away ancient odors. However, it will flush out some pet dander, providing a slight boost to the air quality and smell of an enclosed room. (This method also works well in other enclosed spaces, like cars!)

3. Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Breathe in!

Now, doesn’t that smell fresh and… Augh! Is that pesky odor still sticking around!? Don’t worry! We still have some tricks up our sleeve.

In the past, soapy water and elbow grease were your only recourse for freshening old, stained surfaces. Now, we have a real solution — and it doesn’t require mind-boggling alterations between hot water, cold water, and everything in between!

Enzyme cleaners are a modern gift to all pet owners. These handy natural fixes work by using microscopic bacteria to break down the odor-causing proteins (known as “enzymes”) in your beloved pal’s waste. The process results in an all-around attack on pet odors! The bacteria eliminates uric acid, which causes the tantalizing (at least to our dogs and cats!) smell that brings them back to the same spot. At the same time, it chips away at even the oldest stains!

This dual-pronged approach makes enzyme cleaners — such as the Angry Orange Dual Action Pet Stain & Odor Remover — a must-have in every pet owner’s toolbelt. You can get even more smells out of your home by pairing these powerful cleaners with UV lights to track down and target hidden odors in carpets, pet beds, and more!

4. Keep Your Whole House Fresh With Preventative Cleaning

Our fourth trick may seem obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning! While you can spend weeks cleaning and re-cleaning your entire house, one of the best ways to eliminate that hairy scent from your home is to avoid it altogether!

The earlier an “accident” is cleaned — be it pee, poop, or puke — the less it contributes to how your house smells.

For the best results, consider using the penetrating power of our Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminating Spray. It does what it says on the handy spray bottle: It keeps your house smelling fresh and banishes harsh, unpleasant smells. And — unlike that homemade mix — it works on any surface, including hardwood floors.

5. Is It Bath Time for Your Furry Pal?

Finally, when all else fails, the source may be right under your nose — literally!

Sometimes, the cause of our home’s odious tragedies has four legs and is snoring in our bed. Yes, your beloved pets may be dragging their distinct scent throughout your home. The Angry Orange Eliminati Bathroom Odor Eliminator can only do so much heavy lifting, and it may just be time to give man’s best friend a nice, long bath.

Pay extra attention to your pet during their bath. While a clean pet will keep your home smelling fresh for a while, a healthy pet is even better! Keep a close eye on your pal’s ears, where stinky wax may be building up. Similarly, spend some time giving them a pedicure; those cute little paws harbor plenty of environmental odors! You should also check their teeth, as accumulated plaque creates a distinctly nasty smell.

After the bath, be sure you check your dog’s toys (and don’t forget the cats)! These, too, can be hotbeds for odor-causing germs.

A Word on Safety Concerns

Now that we’ve listed all the ways you can keep your house fresh, we wanted to add a quick aside about the safety and quality of many pet odor solutions. While the age-old methods of scented candles and fresh herbs may help keep your home smelling fresh, they may be hazardous to other occupants.

Pet parents with other animals — particularly sensitive critters (such as amphibians, birds, reptiles, and rodents) — must be especially vigilant when removing odors. Remember: What’s safe for us isn’t always safe for our beloved animals!

Moreover, even the safest air fresheners can become hazards. Thoroughly read the included instructions and warnings before using any product in your home. For example, while countless people absolutely love the fresh, clean scent of Angry Orange, you must still give it time to dry.

Beware Essential Oils

Often offered as one of many “easy ideas” to remove lingering odors, essential oils pose more risks than benefits to your beloved fur baby. Despite being touted as an alternative to harsh chemicals, many essential oils are known to cause respiratory distress in dogs and humans!

But that doesn’t mean all essential oils are bad!

Brief use of an essential oil diffuser in a secure room — away from pets — is a great way to give your clean house that extra sparkly scent. Some oils are also approved for use on pets and will say as much on the label.

In fact, Angry Orange contains an essential oil, yet it’s a safe and gentle way to rid your home of bad smells. Just be sure to follow directions!

Stay Clear of Overpriced Gadgets

Similarly, pet owners should be wary of pricey gadgets claiming to eliminate that dog house smell.

While a high-quality air purifier will remove pet dander and cut down on stray dog hair, it generally won’t make your house smell good.

Be particularly wary of ozone generators, many of which claim to act as air purifiers. These products claim to keep your home from smelling bad, but their fumes may  actively harm your fur baby and your family! Simply leaving the windows open will have the same effect, and doing so is both free and safe.

The Final Verdict

Whether you’re dealing with dog smell, cat smell, or anything in between, you can always count on the power of Angry Orange to keep your home smelling fresh and clean!

It’s safer than burning a scented candle and more efficient than spending a month deep-cleaning everything in your house! And if that didn’t seal the deal, consider this: Thanks to our bundle and save deals, it’s also much, much cheaper than hiring or renting any professional cleaning solution.