Ode to my unsighted cat

Ode to my unsighted cat

  • Oct 06

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Ode to my unsighted cat 

by Jessica Britt

Ask every pet owner and they will tell you how their little ray of sunshine is special in this way or the other. It is normal for a pawrent to believe their pup or kitten is one of a kind.


I believe that about mine too! I’ve mentioned a few times before that my cuddling companion is a blind cat. His name is Arya ( yes, a girl’s name though he is a boy-but to my defense he doesn’t really care, and when I found him in the dumpster I thought he was a tiny teeny baby girl and, at the time “GoT” was in full swing, & ‘Arya Stark’ had just become blind, sooo that is that!).


Arya was blind from birth, with one eyehaving a malformation and the other one never developing, due to a severeinfection he had in the first days of life. When I found him, I took him immediatelyto the vet but nothing could have been done to save his sight. He was thismingy, frail kitten, abandoned by his mother and brothers, that was afraid ofeven his own shadow.




I cried my eyes out ‘till I looked like a Panda, due to the running mascara, and decided on the spot that I’ll be his mama bear (or meowmy), and I’ll do my best to give him the best life possible. 

Source: Unsplash


Living with a blind cat is an enriching experience and it’s both funny and heartwarming. Along the way, I learned some tips and tricks and I’ll impart my wisdom with you, just in case you want to embark on an adventure of your own, loving a blind cat:


1. Blind cats are still CATS

If you think a blind cat has a different behavior or instincts than a blissfully sighted kitten, think again! Since vision is a no go, they rely on their heightened senses of smell and hearing. They are still playful, they are still curious and crave affection, just as much as they like their independence and to be left


2. Hear-hunting is a thing!

I was both shocked and amused to discover that my blind cat is still a super impressive hunter, basing the chase of its prey entirely on his hearing. Everything that buzzes or makes any sound stands no chance against him. I literally saw him chasing a fly around the house, running with his head turned so he can hear better his prey.


3. Loud noises spook them terribly

Their ultra-acute hearing is a double-sided sword. On one side it helps them function normally and locate you or others easily. On the other hand, loud noises of any kind (dropping your keys on the ground for example) will frighten them to no end and you have to be a little bit more careful not to scare them all the time. If you’re clumsy like me, that can be quite a challenge!



Source: Unsplash

4. Moving furniture around is a bad idea

A blind cat learns quickly the topography of the place where it lives with the help of his whiskers. Moving stuff around will panic them as they will sense objects that were not there before. I once moved the cleaning broom from the kitchen to the bathroom and it almost gave Arya a heart attack.


5. Adapt the playtime to your cat’s needs

Your blind cat needs to play just as much as any other cat, but fancy colorful toys will do nothing for him. Instead, choose toys that make sounds, it can be anything from pet shop toys that contain bells to plastic candy wrappers or little balls of kitchen foil.


6. Speak to them as often as possible

Not only is your voice soothing for your blind kitty but it will help them to locate you easier. Sometimes, if I’m quiet for too long Arya becomes restless and starts meowing mournfully as if he has lost me forever!


7. Be prepared for little accidents

Messes can happen at any given time, and more so with a blind cat. Sometimes they miss by an inch the litter box and pee on the floor directly. Sometimes they throw up fur balls in the middle of the living room carpet. You just have to be patient & understanding, having some good cleaning products for pet messes also helps. A good pet odor eliminator or stain remover, like the ones made by Angry Orange, will keep your house smelling fresh and will erase any trace of those foul smells and nasty stains.


Have you ever considered adopting a blind cat? I’m positive you will love every last minute of your life together.


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