5 Home Smell Hacks that will blow your mind

5 Home Smell Hacks that will blow your mind

  • Aug 07

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5 Home Smell Hacks that will blow your mind 

by Tracy Davis

What’s the first thing that hits you when you unlock the front door of you house, of any house in general?


The smell.


A house can look great, have incredible furniture and big, bright rooms, but if it stinks, that’s the first thing anyone will notice. Unfortunately, there are several reasons for which your home might not smell that great: from improper airing, to unwanted smells by the trash can, mold, the musty smell of an old house, cigarette smell or just living with pets.


Everybody loves a fresh smelling home, as a good fragrance can pick up our spirits and improve our mental health. So, let’s see some amazing home smell hacks that will make your house smell like a fairy tale:


1. Homemade coffee beans air freshener

How would you like to have a beautiful scent of French vanilla coffee around the house all the time and not only when you're brewing a cup?

Place a handful of coffee beans in a small jar and put a vanilla scented tealight candle in the middle of the jar. The candle will warm up coffee beans, releasing a wonderful, rich scent around your home.


2. Christmas feelings all year round with a stove simmer

I don’t know one person that doesn’t love the mouth-watering scent of Christmas morning when the whole house smells like cookies, gingerbread and cinnamon apples. Well, why not make your home smell heavenly anytime you want? Just boil some water on the stove and add cinnamon sticks, cloves or orange slices. Let is simmer for 30 minutes and let your senses be engulfed by happy childhood memories.



Source: Unsplash


3. A DIY pomander

Ever heard of a pomander? They were used from the late Middle Ages to the 17th century as a way to protect oneself from infections in the times of pestilence and to keep away bad smells in general. They were even used as a recovery charm in witchcraft. From a simple ball of aromatic herbs carried as protection, to fancy, intricately ornamented containers for perfumes like ambergris, musk or civet, everybody used to use them.

You can make a super easy pomander right at home by using two simple ingredients that anyone has in the kitchen: oranges and cloves. Simply make holes in the orange peel with a toothpick and push in the cloves, you can add as many cloves as you want, covering it up completely or making cute designs. 



4. Spicy smelling vacuum cleaner


If you’ve noticed that your vacuum cleaner has a funky smell that just won’t go away, and that gets release in the air every time you vacuum, there’s a simple hack you might like.

Simply vacuum up some ground cinnamon before starting to clean the house, it will not only eliminate the funky smell but will also leave a spicy scent around the house. Yumm!



5. Essential Oils or Scented Candles

If you’re not very crafty and not so much into the whole DIY thing, you can simply buy some scented candles or essential oils to freshen up your home with lovely smells. I have previously talked about essential oils here and about scented candles here, so you can find out more on the subject.


Of course, you have to take into consideration if you’re a pet owner, as both these options could be harmful to your furry companion. A safer alternative would be to use a pet odor eliminator spray like Angry Orange that gets rid of all organic smells in the house and leaves behind a delicious citrus scent.



Source: Unsplash


So, tell us, what’s your secret smell hack when it comes to having a delectable home?

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