Kick-ass tricks to remove old urine stains

Kick-ass tricks to remove old urine stains

  • Oct 20

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Kick-ass tricks to remove old urine stains 

by Jessica Britt

One of life’s certainties is that accidents happen. Always.


Now when it comes to those cute fluff balls that make our life better, the accidents that can happen are always smelly. And a bit disgusting.


But we love them nonetheless and we’d rather change the carpet or the sofa than live a pet free life. Luckily, there are always solutions for even the trickiest of situations, or in our case, for the stubbornest of stains: the dreadful old urine stains.


So, maybe your pet has done the dirty deed, peed somewhere inside the house, on a carpet, sofa, in the bed or who knows where! Our furballs can be very creative when it comes to finding spots to do their business. And maybe you just weren’t fast enough to clean it on the spot, or after several tries and different methods, the nasty stain still remains. Don’t throw in the (previously peed) towel just yet!


Let’s look together at some tips & tricks that will help you remove old urine stains:


1. Sometimes old urine stains can be hard to find. What you need is an UV light that will help you find the nasty stains, so that you can eliminate them properly.

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2. You can try some DIY formulas for cleaning the urine stains. Such a formula is made from 10 ounces of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of recently opened baking soda, and 2-3 drops of dish-washing detergent. Mix them in a bowl until the baking soda is dissolved. Put the mix in a spray bottle and make sure to test the concoction in a small area. If it doesn’t change color, spray over the affected area and let it work on the stain for an hour. Rinse the area with a damp cloth and blot with a dry cloth until the cleaning solution is gone. Take into consideration, that this option might not work on ancient stains.


3. There are old stains and there are old as time stains! If you’re dealing with the Tutankhamun of stains, you should know that no home-made solution will be able to help you. You’ll need a proper stain remover, something specifically created to tackle stubborn pet stains, especially cat or dog urine stains. Angry Orange has an outstanding stain remover that uses the power of enzymes in order to kill for good any kind of stains, from new to old. Opt for a good commercial cleaning product like Angry Orange Enzyme Stain Remover and you won’t have to worry about bad stains or having to make your own cleaning solutions. I’m rather clumsy, so I totally prefer having something efficient bought and delivered to me, rather than mixing myself and making sure I don’t screw up the ratio or who knows what else. 


4. Never rub a stain, because it will make it larger and more difficult to get rid of. Always spray the area that you need to clean and let the solution work, before gently blotting with a soft cloth.


5. Another useful tip that will save the day is to never-ever try to wash urine stains with hot water. Hot water ‘cooks’ the protein in the stains much like it does an egg when we put it to boil. But instead of getting a nice poached egg for your Sunday brunch, what you get is a nasty stain that sets stubbornly in the fabric and will be even harder to remove than normal.


What other neat methods do you have for getting rid of old stains?





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