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The Top 5 Smells Dogs Hate to Pee On

  • Feb 10

Blog written by Angry Orange.

Dogs are naturally gifted with a dazzling sense of smell. Matter of fact, they are some of the best sniffers in the animal kingdom. While there are many benefits of having such a sensitive nose, this gift does come with some vulnerability to some strong scents which most people consider normal.

If you have ever had your dog pee on something that you did not want, you know how frustrating this can get. The good news, however, is that you can put this behavior to a stop. All you have to do is find out what smells your dog hates to pee on. In this article, we unlock the top five smells that dogs hate to pee on.

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The Top 5 Smells Dogs Hate to Pee On

1. Citrus

The citrus smell is arguably the best dog repellent there is. You do not have to do a lot. Simply peel an orange or a lemon next to your dog and you will observe it leaving the spot immediately. While most dogs are repelled by the citrus smell, not all are. Therefore, you want to check whether your dog falls in the majority category. You can also use a citrus spray to stop your dog from peeing in certain areas such as your house or garden.

2. Vinegar

Just like citrus, dogs cannot stand the smell of vinegar. It seems that a dog's heightened sense of smell is not keen on acidic smells, vinegar being another very acidic substance. It is worth noting that dogs are more repelled by the smell of vinegar than they are by lemons and oranges. It is no wonder that vinegar is a key ingredient in every dog repellent.

You can use vinegar spray as a natural dog repellent in your home, but do not spray it directly on the dog. This is downright cruel, to say the least. Although most people use white wine vinegar, you can use any type of vinegar. However, take caution when spraying it in your garden as the acidic solution can damage your plants.

3. Chili

Hot chili is a popular dog repellent. While the smell of chili irritates us, you can only imagine what it does to a dog. Using chili as a repellent makes the dog's nose itch, causing it to sneeze nonstop. However, just like vinegar, spraying chili directly on your dog is considered a form of animal abuse.

4. Alcohol

Dogs hate the smell of alcohol. Actually, they cannot stand it. Whenever dogs smell alcohol, they leave the spot immediately. This also goes for most products with alcohol. However, you are discouraged from rubbing alcohol on places you don't want your dog to pee on because the scent may get stuck on their coats and this can last a while, thus making them uncomfortable.

5. Coffee Grounds

Coffee is yet another strong smell that can deter pets from your property and prevent your dog from digging in your garden. Despite its popularity as a dog repellent, however, not all dogs are repelled by the smell of ground coffee. It is, therefore, important to learn which specific smells your dog hates.

Dogs do not like to pee on spots that have a strong, repellent smell. They, instead, look for other comfortable spots. Using the above-mentioned natural repellents can be a great way to prevent dogs from peeing on your furniture or other places that are out of bounds. White vinegar and citrus are good dog repellents, you can achieve better results by buying a professionally-made repellent.

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