5 pawmazing tricks you can teach your cat

5 pawmazing tricks you can teach your cat

  • Jul 13

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5 pawmazing tricks you can teach your cat 

by Tracy Davis

When it comes to training a pet, everybody automatically thinks about dogs and how you can teach them a lot of neat tricks. But did you know that cats can be trained as well?


We tend to see cats as these majestic, aloof beings that do only what they want to, when they want to. To some extent, that is true, cats are very individualistic and sometimes even stubborn, but don’t lose hope, you can teach them a few tricks too.


Let’s first talk about what you’ll need to train your fluffy friend:


-lots and lots of patience, as it might take a while before your cat responds to your tricks

-tasty treats that your cat loves

-a clicker or a clicking pen. Training your cat successfully involves offering a treat and making a clicking sound to mark the desired behavior. Every time they obey a command, they should receive a treat and hear a clicking sound.

-no punishments! Cats don’t respond well to being punished and it could change their behavior in a bad way. If you want them to learn, create a safe, happy place and use only positive reinforcement.

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Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s see a few cute and simple tricks you can teach your kitty: 


1. Come on command

Yes, cats can learn to come your way when you call them! Isn’t that great? Start by making a distinct noise before feeding them (calling them by their name or clicking your tongue). Your kitty will learn to associate that sound with something positive (the food) and will come your way every time. Then slowly, make that sound as well outside the normal feeding times, every time you want your cat to come on command.


2. Shake hands

Ever secretly envied dog owners for teaching their pet to shake hands with them? I did! But then I found out cats can learn this cute trick also. To start, you have to align yourself to the same level as your kitty and have a treat ready with you. Tap your cats’ cute furry paw while saying “Shake” and reward your cat with the treat and a clicker sound once they move their paw. Continue training this trick until you no longer have to shake their paw, they will offer their paw as a response to the word “Shake”.


3. Beg

If you’re a fan of the Puss in Boots character from the Shrek movies, you’re gonna love this next trick. Hold a treat above your cats’ head while using the “Beg” word. Your kitty should stand on two legs and reach for the treat. When she does this, use the clicker to mark the behavior and give her the tasty treat. Soon, your adorable furry companion will learn how to beg on command, without needing to show them a treat.



Source: Unsplash



4. Use the toilet

I promise this is the last movie reference today! Remember Robert De Niro’s cat, Jinx, from the movie “Meet the parents” and how he was able to use the toilet and flush?

Guess what? You can teach your kitty this neat trick too! Well, except the flushing part!

Start by placing the litter box next to the toilet, then gradually bring it closer to the toilet (you can use a small stool) until you can put the litter box on top of the toilet. When your cat gets used to using the litter box on top of the toilet, change it to a special one that fits inside the toilet itself. Step by step, use less litter so that your cat gets used to using the toilet without it and then, finally, remove the litter box completely.



5. Walk on a leash

First, buy a leash with a harness that attaches on your cats’ back. Make sure your kitty gets used to it before you put it on. You can leave it out, somewhere close to where they eat or sleep.

In order to make them comfortable with the harness, put it on them while giving them a treat and slowly increase the time they wear it. Next step is to attach the leash to the harness and let your cat wander freely around the house. Once they are accustomed to that, you can start holding the leash. You’re now ready to explore the outside world! Your first walk outside should be somewhere quiet and make sure you give your kitty enough time to explore the area.


Source: Unsplash


What tricks does your cat already know? Let us know what you taught your puurrfect friend!

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