Earth Day Tips For Pet Owners

Go Green For Earth Day: Tips For Pet Owners Beyond Buying Eco-Friendly Pet Products

  • Apr 01

If you stop to think about it, Earth Day and animals just go together. Animals need the earth in good health just as much as we do, from wildlife to our very own dogs and cats at home. That’s why April 22nd is the perfect day to pause and reflect on your impacts on the earth, especially as a pet owner. How can you and your pets be more eco-conscious and make eco-friendly choices? 

You are your pet’s advocate so it’s up to you to make sure they’re eco-friendly animals, too. Spend an environmentally-conscious Earth Day making choices that you and your furry friends can feel good about. The best part? You and your four-legged loved ones can try these earth day tips any day of the week. 

eco-friendly pet owners support earth day everyday

How can I be an eco-friendly pet owner?

The first step is to pay attention to what’s in your products and opt for eco-friendly pet products when you can. Check the packaging on everything you buy (bonus points if the packaging itself isn’t excessive and wasteful!) and look for features that positively impact the earth. 

For instance, a lot of odor removers on the market use formaldehyde to get that stink out of the house. But the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator includes natural orange oil to create its delightful citrus scent. It’s certainly a better choice than bleach, peroxide, and all those other dangerously toxic smells. Plus, you can recycle the bottle!

Choosing eco-friendly pet products is a great start. But it’s not the only thing you can do. Here are some other Earth Day tips and suggestions to consider as the day approaches. Use them every day to make a bigger impact on the environment’s overall health. 

Earth Day Tips to Go Green with Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Top 5 Earth Day Tips to Go Green as a Pet Owner

1. Recycle

Don’t chuck those food cans, deodorizer spray bottles, and treat boxes in the trash! Make sure you’re recycling packaging to ensure they truly are eco-friendly pet products from top to bottom. 

2. Make Your Own Stuff

Instead of buying toys made of wasteful materials, make your own. Besides, cats and dogs always want to play with things that aren’t all that expensive like a rolled up pair of socks or the box your Amazon order arrived in. Additionally, you can make your own cat or dog food using fresh, natural ingredients and cozy dog and cat beds out of old bedding. Repurpose and reuse what’s around your house to make what’s old new again.

3. Try Secondhand First

If you’re not crafty, you can still be eco-friendly about what you get your pet. Shopping secondhand and at resale stores reduces waste and gives a new life to perfectly fine items. 

4. Donate

Now that you know the joys of secondhand shopping for pet items, pay it forward! Items that you no longer need can be donated to animal shelters. Think twice before discarding an old collar or food your cat decided he no longer likes to eat. Instead, give your local shelter a call. You’ll be helping to keep your community animal shelter eco-friendly as well.

5. Buy In Bulk

Eco-friendly pet products aren't just about how they’re made and what they’re packaged in. How we consume these goods also impacts the environment. Buying in bulk is a perfect way to cut down on waste. It’s usually cheaper, too – another bonus! 

dog playing with eco-friendly pet toys

How can I be eco-friendly with my dog?

Earth Day and dogs are a perfect pairing…and not because they literally relieve themselves on the earth. So, how do you become a green dog owner for Earth Day and beyond? There’s plenty of small ways that make a big, lasting impact! Honor and appreciate the planet with your pup using these earth day tips to go green: 

No Poop Left Behind

It’s common etiquette to pick up your dog’s poop. It’s good for the environment as much as it is polite! Make carrying poop bags with you a #1 priority when you’re taking your dog out to #2. Biodegradable bags turn a simple poop picker uppers into eco-friendly pet products – look for that designation on the packaging to make sure you’re making an eco-friendly choice. 

Let Enzyme Cleaners Destroy Dog Mess

Enzymes are proteins found just about everywhere in nature. Our bodies produce them. Certain foods produce them. Enzymatic cleaners emulate this “naturally occurring” process by using active enzymes which is altogether better for the environment. Why? It requires less cleaning later since the enzymes take the time to really get in there and eat away at stains. 

An enzymatic cleaner like the Angry Orange Pet Stain Remover and Enzyme Cleaner tackles odors and stains with a pleasant orange scent. It emits no yucky chemical smell, which is better for you AND the planet. 

Reduce Energy Consumption Together

Is your home a walkable distance from places you like to go with your dog? Then shake your leash, holler “wanna go walkies?,” and get to it to celebrate Earth Day the eco-friendly way. Reduce energy and carbon emissions by walking instead of driving to get places. It’s also great exercise for you and your dog, so everyone (not just the Earth!) gets a good health boost from this one. If you aren’t close enough to walk, carpool with a friend from the dog park!

an eco-friendly cat enjoying the sun

How can I be eco-friendly with my cat?

Although many cats live indoors, Earth Day is still a relevant celebration for them. There are many little ways your habits and life with your kitty can be altered to accommodate an eco-conscious mindset. Try some of these earth day tips to make eco-friendly animals out of your feline friends.

Use a Biodegradable Litter

Clay-based cat litter is super common and sounds like it’s from the earth. But it actually isn’t good for the environment and it isn’t biodegradable. There are lots of biodegradable cat litters out there these days, made of all different types of natural ingredients. From woodchip, sawdust, cedar, and pine to corn and even upcycled food waste, kitty has his pickings on biodegradable litter materials to choose for his royal throne. 

Treat Odors and Stains with Enzyme Cleaners

An enzyme cleaner is one of those eco friendly pet products that help cut through cat urine in a more gentle way. However, our signature Angry Orange citrus scent isn’t as appealing to cats. Apparently, they don’t love the smell of oranges like we humans do.

Luckily, you can use the Angry Orange Fresh Scent Pet Stain Remover and Enzyme Cleaner to curb cat stains and odors. Its cat-friendly scent smells like a pile of clean laundry, which is a lot better than the natural yet unmistakable stink of cat urine. 

Play with Plastic-Free Toys

No bones about it, plastic is terrible for the earth. Many plastic-based products aren’t biodegradable. That means plastic cat toys will end up stuck on the planet long after your cat is done destroying them. Opt for toys made of recycled materials and natural fabrics for eco-friendly pet products that bring the joy of play to your kitty.

how to be eco-friendly with your new pet

How can I be eco-friendly if I’m planning to get a pet?

If you’re not a pet owner yet, kudos to you for doing your research upfront! There’s so many pet owner tips to take in that it can be hard to figure out how to remain eco-friendly during the process. 

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, the age-old saying is true – adopt, don’t shop. But did you know that saving a shelter animal’s life is also good for the environment? Adoption cuts down on overpopulation and, in turn, carbon dioxide emissions.

To that end, once you find your forever furry friend, make sure they’re spayed or neutered. You wouldn’t think that’s one of our earth day tips to go green, but it can make a great difference! This also curbs overpopulation which also helps shelters out.

How Animal Shelters Can Be More Sustainable

How can animal shelters be more sustainable?

Even animal shelters can do their part this Earth Day. They do rely on donated items which makes animal shelters eco-friendly by nature. But here are a couple other ways eco-friendly animal shelters can stay that way and do good by the environment.

Use Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Did you know that the original Angry Orange Odor Eliminator got its start in industrial settings, like feedlots and poultry farms? The natural orange oil in its ingredients knows how to knock out big stink. But it also doesn’t contain any added parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, either. Plus one bottle of the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator Concentrate makes up to a gallon of odor-eliminating spray which can tackle a shelter-sized area in a more eco-conscious way.

As mentioned previously, eco-friendly pet products extends to toys, bedding, and even their food and treats. By paying attention to what the shelter acquires for its inhabitants, it can ensure more eco-friendly choices for their animals. 

Stock Up on Recycled Paper Products

There are more eco friendly pet products to consider than just food, toys, and cleaners. Think about how many accidents and messes they must clean up using paper towels! Animal shelters can use recycled paper products when they need to use paper. They can also try to use washable, reusable rags to conserve. 

Conclusion About Earth Day Tips For Pet Owners

Isn’t it great that you can celebrate Earth Day with your pet and really make a difference, too? These earth day tips to go green are little ways you can change your habits to impact the planet in a big way. And it’s not just all about eco-friendly pet products, either! See if you can keep these good habits going all year long to remain environmentally conscious and turn your pets into eco-friendly animals. Happy Earth Day! 


Contributing Writer: Charlotte Seley