How to keep a squeaky-clean home as a meowmy

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How to keep a squeaky-clean home as a meowmy 

        by Tracy Davis

Hello, meowmies & fur daddies! It’s about time we talked about how we keep our homes clean and smelling fresh, despite having our fluffballs around.

I mean, cats are pretty clean pets, seeing how they spend almost half of their time meticulously grooming themselves, but they can still make the occasional mess.

There are some simple steps that can be followed to have a neat house, even if your cat likes to be naughty. This way you won’t ever to say to your guests “Excuse the mess, I have a cat.”

1. No Kitty Wild Wild West

One of the biggest problems with having a cat, if not the biggest, is the hair. Hair, everywhere! Cat hair settles on every surface of the house, furniture, carpets, floors, even the bed. Not only it’s not aesthetically pleasing, but it can be a problem for people that are allergic to it.

Who would own a cat if they're allergic to them, you ask? Me, that’s who! And I’m sure that there are many other feline lovers out there, that share their life with a special ball of fur, despite being allergic to said fur.

So, the simple answer to this is having a daily brushing routine for your cat. The more you brush your pet, the less hair you’ll have everywhere in the house.

2. Vacuum often

Before having Arya, I could vacuum my apartment once a week without a problem. There wasn’t that much dust to begin with. But after having him, vacuuming once a week would lead to a hair coated disaster. Your best bet is to vacuum every other day or at least twice a week, depending also on how many cats you have. Use a powerful vacuum with HEPA filters, to catch the cat hair and dander, reducing also dust and allergens.

Source: Unsplash

3. Tackle bad smells & stains immediately

Nasty smells definitely occur, especially around the litter box. And if your cat is more naughty or anxious, they can pee outside the litter box too. While you can’t prevent that from happening, you can always have at hand a good pet odor eliminator and stain remover. My favorite products from Angry Orange make cleaning the messes a breeze and they leave an awesome orange scent behind. They literally saved my carpet and sofa a few times from long lasting stains and that pungent pee smell. I also spray a mist in the air around the litter box, to freshen up the area.

4. A special cat stuff shelf

Having all my cat’s stuff out of sight makes me feel the house is tidier. Dedicate an entire shelf or storage space for all the cat food, litter, grooming kits etc. Your kitchen will look less messy than if they’d be out in the open, you’ll save space on the cupboards and you’ll never have to search for something again.

5. Give your cat some privacy

Everybody should have some privacy when using the bathroom, even your cat. But besides that, not having the litter box exposed also helps keeping the mess at a minimum. You can either opt for a litter box that has a rooftop or, if you want to be more creative, and your space allows it, disguise the litterbox in a piece of furniture. I keep thinking of getting one myself, a cute cabinet table for the bathroom that doubles as a litterbox cover. Smart & functional, right?

What’s your winner cleaning routine when it comes to keeping the kitty kingdom pristine? 

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