Cuddling in bed with your pet: YAY or NAY?

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Cuddling in bed with your pet: YAY or NAY?

by Tracy Davis

We all know that one of the most important divisions in life is between cat lovers and doggo lovers. I like to see myself a bit like Switzerland, neutral when it comes to this ancient time feud, although I have to admit that maybe, just maybe, kitty cats make my heart skip a beat just a tad more than pups. Let’s all be one big, happy, inclusive family of pet lovers, no matter their fur length and color, gender, purring or barking capabilities. 

That being settled, there’s also a division amongst pet lovers, between us owners craving night time cuddles with our furballs and owners that prefer to sleep separately from their pet. 

Most of us have discovered that both pups and kitties prefer to sleep with us from the first night in their new home and continue to do so for all of their life. It’s a sign of love and trust from their part and I’m gonna tell you what other benefits sleeping with your pet has, besides waking up next to their adorable faces every morning.

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1. Sleeping next to your doggo or cat can provide you both with warmth and comfort. There’s nothing better than snuggling up to your pet on a cold winter night or to hear their soft purring as they are falling asleep. 

2. Time spent with your pet helps with reducing depression, while sleeping with them in the same bed can even reduce nightmares. Petting or cuddling with a cute animal increases our flow of oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone”. So, more cuddles equal more happiness. 

3. Sleeping with your furry friend can reduce anxiety and stress, also helping with insomnia. It can improve your sleep quality and decrease hypertension. Who knew pets have all these magical effects on us? 

4. If you’re single, you know the comfort and security sleeping with your pet can bring. Some nights can feel lonelier than others but a waggy tail and soft snore or a fluffy paw can do wonders for our minds and hearts. 

5. By sleeping together with your pet, you increase the bond between you and them and their sense of loyalty towards you. When it comes to dogs, sleeping with them can help with socialization and ease the training process.

If you itch to sleep with your doggo or feline companion, but you’re worried about letting them inside the bed, I get that. Nobody wants smelly or dirty linen. But, if your pet is well groomed and clean, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

More so, nowadays it’s easy to keep your sheets smelling fresh and clean at all times, using special sprays that are created to get rid of bad pet smells or even stains. Many Pet Odor Eliminators are designed to deal with the so called “wet dog” smell or even the nasty pee smell and they can be used on the mattress, on pillows, directly on the sheets when doing the laundry or on the pet bedding. With so many solutions at hand and benefits, you can enjoy a good night's sleep next to you furball without any worries. 

So, what do you say, cuddle time tonight? 

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